Essential Gadgets at great value for University Students

The school holidays are coming to a close, but for some parents this heralds the start of a university term for their children, and with it, the expense of living away from home. Student loans only go so far, and many parents will want to help their children with the increased expense, but what should they buy? Is it best to purchase household items, books or gadgets?

As gadgets are typically more expensive than the other items, we suggest having a look at our guide of great value gadget bargains, from cheap mobiles, all-in-one printers to top up Sim cards. All you have to do is stay away from the big names in the industry, such as Apple, Samsung etc There are some great bargains available with outstanding specifications, if you are prepared to buy a make or model that no one has heard before, I mean, they all had to start somewhere right? In the meantime, let’s see how much you can save!

Sim Cards

O2 Pay As You Go Sim Card

There are many Sim cards on the market but the O2 Pay As You Go Sim Card can be used in any O2 mobile or unlocked handset, and can be topped up at any time. Costs £1 from O2.

Mobile phones

Samsung E1230

There are some really inexpensive mobiles available, that do exactly what they say they do. You can make calls, send texts, connect to the internet and some even have a camera. Our best value mobile is the Samsung E1230 on Orange Pay As You Go for £9.99 from Argos.


If you have a little more money to spend, why not splash out on a smarter phone, in which you can send and receive emails? Such as this Blackberry Curve 9320, £99 available at Carphonewarehouse. Browse the internet quickly, send and receive emails, voice dialing and much more.


Hewlett Packard 1050A

Students are always having to print out assignments, copy notes and scan pictures. Make it easy for your child by buying them this all-in-one printer from Hewlett Packard 1050A for an amazing price of £40 from Amazon. This printer does it all, prints, scans and copies and is easy to start up, simply plug it in and away you go.


Prestigio Multipad PMP3270 7" tablet

It’s not really worth buying an expensive tablet as there is the worry of them going missing or being stolen, so stick to an inexpensive version, like this great value Prestigio Multipad PMP3270 7″ tablet, on offer at the moment for £57, was £89 and available from Asda. The Prestigio 7ins Android Tablet comes with a 2 year warranty and allows you to browse the internet, watch films, listen to music, oh, and of course, research for your dissertation!


Medion Akoya E6234

If a tablet won’t cut it, consider a good value laptop, but stay away from those ridiculous ‘cashback’ offers, they are more hassle than they are worth. One featured on TV the other day had customers applying to 2 different companies in order to claim £80 cashback! Stick to a good offer, such as this Medion Akoya E6234, for £259, available from Asda. This is a great, all rounder laptop, ideal for word processing and researching online. Comes with an Intel® Celeron® 1000M processor and 4 GB RAM memory.

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