Great Gifts for New Mums

When you’ve just had a baby, life becomes a whirlwind of feeding, burping, nappy changes, and trying to find a space to fit some sleep into your day or broken night! Presents for a newborn baby are of course always welcome, but if your friend or family member has recently had a baby, then a present benefiting the new mum can be even more appropriate and can be a welcome change from the endless stream of tiny clothes and soft toys.

Consider bathing supplies or other toiletries at the top of your list; most new dads nowadays are very involved in caring for their newborn, and will gladly take care of baby for an hour here or there so the new mum can enjoy a relaxing bath and some time alone. Lush or the Body Shop can help you pick some amazing products, and Boots tends to keep the Sanctuary range well-stocked, which may also help. Scrubs, masks and hair-care products such as oil treatments can also be very welcome in this area, and a gift voucher for a makeup or toiletry shop can mean the new mum in question has the option of picking things she definitely loves.

Another good choice is a voucher for a clothing shop the new mum has always liked. Mothers’ bodies change a lot, and what once fit may never fit again even if the new mum loses all the baby weight. Shapes that have changed may never change back, and even if they do a few new items for her wardrobe may help the new mum feel like more of a woman and less of a baby-care delivery system. New Look, Evans, or Long Tall Sally all offer wide ranges of clothing and you can even add a home-made voucher for a day out on the town shopping together, allowing your friend or family

member to spend some time in the changing rooms while you look after baby.

The best gift for a new mum, however, is a voucher for a free babysitting session! Making it clear that you will babysit happily and allow her to go out for an evening can be a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary prospect of never going out again. If you’d never charge for babysitting anyway, consider giving a set of vouchers for the evening itself; cinema tickets and a restaurant voucher can be a very evocative combination and if you watch the little one, the new parents can get reacquainted without worrying about their little miracle.

Giving a gift to help the new mum get accustomed to her new role and give her a break from relentless baby care can be a very thoughtful and friendly thing to do. Baby is often taken care of before he or she even arrives on the scene, and allowing the new mum to feel like herself again can really help. Don’t forget a nice card to go along with your present!

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