Great Gadget Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2013

A stocking filler is an ideal gift when you can’t afford the latest gadget, as you can buy an accessory or add-on to something your recipient already owns. We checked out the latest speakers, headphones, camera lenses, and i-gadgets so you don’t have to. And these lower cost items are a great way to please the gadget fan in your life.

Touch Screen Gloves – £6.95


Everything these days is touch, swipe or pinch, but with this new technology comes the problem of cold hands when the temperature drops. Eliminate the challenge that winter brings us with a pair of touch screen gloves, featuring specially interwoven conductive fibres, you can use them on any capacitive touch screen, without exposing your fingers to the elements! From red5.co.uk

Nude Audio Move S – £29.99

nude audio

This nifty little speaker uses bluetooth instead of a cable to wirelessly stream audio from any tablet or smartphone. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket but powerful enough to deliver stunning sound, amplifying whatever audio you process through it. From nudeaudio.com

Olloclip 4-in-one Lens – £59.95


This is a brilliant device that connects to your iPhone and allows you to take photographs in four different ways, you get a fish-eye, wide-angle, macro-10x and macro-15x lens in the one little unit. You can connect it easily to your iPhone within seconds and if you don’t like what you see you can simply switch it back to the original lens. From Olloclip.com

Music Lover’s Kit – £29.99


Experience high quality sound with the Sony Music Lover’s Kit MK200. Included are the Sony Monitor Headphones MH830 and Music Cable MC100 that are enhanced with a handy call-handling remote. You can now share your favourite smartphone music with all your friends and loved ones by simply connecting the Music Cable MC100 to your home stereo. From sonymobile.com

Water Dancing Speakers – £34.95


A fantastic way to bring your music to life, with these water illuminated speakers. When the music starts playing, jets of water that are lit by four different light sources spurt up, creating your very own water fountain show. Colours are red, blue, green, yellow and dance to the beat of the music. From red5.co.uk

iShaver – £19.99


This is a fabulous little gadget that fits right into your pocket and comes with ultra-thin net foil and floating blades, giving an extremely close and smooth shave. It’s easy to use and looks stylish with a white high gloss case. Top up the battery by using your laptop or other device’s USB port. From paramountzone.com

Coin Saving Jar – £9.99


Not just any old jar, this ingenious device actually counts your coins as you slot them into it! Featuring a quality LCD that displays a running total of all the coins you deposit. Now you have a place to put all your spare change. The product features a reset button and requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). From paramountzone.com

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