Great Entertainment On The Go With Portable DVD Players

Going on a trip and do not want to be subject to the movie they will play on board? Then you can use a portable DVD Player. The Insignia 10″ LCD Portable DVD Player is one of the best choices because of a few reasons. The screen for example is 10 inches and that is better than a small one. Some are made with 7 and even 5 inches, but even for a personal player that can be too small. Can you really imagine watching great special effects on a 5 inch screen? If you are not traveling alone then you can also share the movie experience with a travel partner. This DVD player has room for two out audio jacks. The battery will last a total of four hours so you can get through a couple of movies, and if you get an additional battery you can really be entertained for the entire trip. It is less than two inches thick so taking it with you is easy. The image and sound are clear so you do not have to suffer with low audio which seems to plague some of the portable DVD players in the market.

When talking electronics you cannot skip SONY as a name brand, and portable DVD players is not the exception. SONY’s DVPFX970 is a portable DVD player that may be one of the best that you will ever get your hands on. The screen is 9 inches which is not the biggest but it is definitely not the smallest either. The screen is also designed for wide-screen and high-resolution movies. Going on a flight? The battery will last six hours. That means you can watch 3 different average length blockbuster hits and still have some charge left. Two headphone jacks allow you to share your movie watching experience with a travel partner. But what we really like the most about this SONY DVD player is the 180 degree swivel flip; with it you can place the portable DVD player in the most comfortable position. That way you can enjoy your movies without having to shift your body. The size is not as big as a laptop and it is really easy to carry everywhere. This SONY player is a must have for parents with small children and for people who are always on the go.

If you need a portable DVD player, but do not want to spend a lot of money in one then there is the Digital Labs 7″ Portable DVD Player model DL730-PD. This is not the best DVD player in the market but it will play your DVDs and that is all that matters. It is easy to carry because it is light and small. The screen is only 7 inches which can be a plus and a negative. The plus about the size is that it is compact and taking it anywhere will not be a problem; the bad thing about the screen size is that you cannot really enjoy the movie at its fullest in a screen that small. When you purchase the Digital labs DL739-PD you also get a carrying case which is a plus because not all the DVD players include one. If you want to share your movie you will need to get a jack splitter adapter because this model only has one audio output. Another negative for this model is its battery life; a single charge will only last 2.5 hours so do not try to watch the next Hollywood epic or you may just miss the ending.

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