Graffiti Art

Graffiti – we all see it around, with most looking at it in disgust. We view it as ruining perfectly good walls, or making underpasses look tatty, but there are other people who view it as art, so much so that it’s actually now considered an art form. Is it right then that graffiti is still classed as vandalism, with those who graffiti public places breaking the law?

History of Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art

Originating around the 1960’s, the art of graffiti is being taken up by more and more people, consequently growing as an art form and becoming much more heard of. Of course, in the 60’s it was looked at very differently to how it is now, simply because we’re exposed to it more.

Going back to some of the very first times graffiti was seen, it was on uncovered monuments, often as a slogan or a key word related in some way to the graffiti artist. This brings me on to the different types of graffiti art, ranging from random markings, slogans, abbreviations and names, to pictures and designs. Graffiti markings often have an underlying meaning to them, whether it’s to symbolise the death of someone, to emphasise a point of view, or to create something bright and colourful that has meaning to a certain type of person.

For those who are fans of the graffiti art form, it’s now not uncommon for it to be purchased. First becoming a modern form of art in New York, different pieces are now available to buy all over the world, ranging from clothes featuring graffiti art designs, to photographs and paintings.

So what is it that sets graffiti art aside from other modern art forms? It’s common for graffiti designs to be imprinted on t-shirts, for example, but it’s rarer that we see modern art on t-shirts. This is because graffiti is most commonly a type of art carried out by the younger generation, becoming trend so to speak.

Deemed as one of the most culturally significant art movements in a very long time, graffiti doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, the graffiti art looks set to stay for a while longer yet…

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