Google’s Nexus 5: Is LG back on board?

NEXUS 4The new Nexus 7 tablet may have gained all the attention recently. But, Google is now set to release a new smartphone.

According to the rumour mill, South Korean multinational LG, which was behind the Nexus 4, is said to be back on board for Google’s new phone.

Expected to be called the Nexus 5, details about the new phone have come from the Vietnamese blog Tinhte.vn, which has been right about other new releases, including the Moto X.

It will be the second year running that LG has been put in charge of coming up with Google’s flagship Nexus smartphone. And, this time round, the new Nexus is expected to be based on LG’s G2.

LG G2The LG is the first smartphone handset to come with a control pad on the back rather than any side buttons. LG said it had decided to move the buttons to the back because, with smartphones becoming bigger, it was more difficult to reach buttons on the side.

An LG spokesman said: “Moving the main buttons to the back of the phone gave users more control since this place was where individuals’ index fingers are naturally located. Researchers found that moving the buttons also resulted in fewer dropped phones when adjusting the volume while taking.”

The Nexus 5 certainly won’t be identical to the G2 though. The Nexus gizmo isn’t expected to feature the same rear-mounted volume buttons as the G2, and Google is said to be keen to keep the same stylish glass back as on the Nexus 4.

They will, however, have some features in common – the Nexus 5 will have an impressive display screen, expected to be a full HD 5.2-Nexus7inch, along with a decent 13 megapixel camera, and will run on Android 4.3.

The LG G2 model has impressive audio – which the firm describes as capable of reproducing “studio-quality sound, far superior to a CD. Another interesting feature on the G2 is the automatic answer facility when you place the model to your ear.

There’s no word yet on other features, or the price. But, if Google aims for the same market as the £239 Nexus 4, it is likely the Nexus 5 will be packing some impressive specs for a relatively low price.

The new rumours come despite the fact LG vice president Kim Wong said earlier this year that LG wasn’t interested in making another Nexus phone at the moment. It was understood that LG was disgruntled after putting its heart and soul into the Nexus 4, only to see Google price it at cost.

But, if the latest suggestions are to be believed, it would appear LG has changed its mind.

A release date is expected around the end of October – the same time of year Google announced the Nexus 4.

For now, Google will be concentrating its marketing efforts on the new Nexus 7, which is expected to be released in the UK within the next few weeks.

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