Google Set to Launch their own Tablet

It is rumoured that internet giants Google are in the process of revealing their very own tablet, which will be in direct competition with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. The same factories, situated in the Far East, that make the majority of the technological components for Apple and Amazon have strongly hinted that a tablet from Google is on its way. The new tablet will supposedly be only seven inches, whereas the iPad is 9.7 inches.

According to a report in the Digitimes, it is thought that the Google tablet will launch in March or April of this year. The retail price of the new tablet will be around $200 which will severely crush Apple’s hold on the tablet market and be in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The new tablet will run Google’s Android system, no surprise there. Google’s tablet is more likely to be aimed at Kindle buyers as it is not seen to be a replacement for a laptop, but an entertainment device and as such, not target Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad or Samsung’s 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab.

As Google has recently ventured into the retail market of selling films, books and music, it appears a natural progression to design their very own tablet.

The leak about the new tablet, which came from Digitimes, is most likely to be true as they have an excellent record for spot on new technology coming into the marketplace, however, should we give this new insight a pinch of salt? According to the site, “Sources from Google’s upstream supply chain believe that Google, instead of Apple, may actually be targeting Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire as its major competitor,’” says Digitimes. “However, Google Taiwan commented that the company has never heard about the plan of launching an own-brand tablet PC.”

So who should we be believing? The Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra published an interview with Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt who reportedly said, “In the next six months, we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.” The competition in the early months of this year is likely to be fierce as Apple’s iPad3 is due to be released this Spring. New features of the iPad3 will include a screen with a far higher 2048×1536 resolution and possibly a quad-core processor, typically found in high-end laptops.

Now whether Schmidt’s comments referred specifically to a Google tablet is not known, but most insiders within the industry have recognised that what Schmidt meant was that Google will be bringing out their very own tablet. With the iPad3 already in production, Google is facing a race against time if they want to compete seriously with Apple. With reports of just one new feature, that being of the high tech screen resolution, being a huge selling point for existing and new customers, Google have their work cut out for them. And with The Wall Street Journal reporting that the company has already placed orders for 1.5 million such screens, it is debatable whether Google has left it too late to tap into this lucrative market. However, we say the more choice the better. Roll on Spring!

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