Google Glass On Sale For One Day Today!

For those who are looking to purchase a pair of the new computing device, Google Glass, today is the day to fork out $1,500 plus tax. Google announced on their Google+ page yesterday that the one-day sale is part of the Google Glass Explorer program, which started back in 2012.


The sale is commencing at 9.00am ET and to be eligible to take part in the sale you have to be from the United States, and over 18. As part of the sale consumers can also buy lens in darkened sunglasses shades and prescription glasses along with their purchase.

A statement on the website last Thursday said: “Every day we get requests from those of you who haven’t found a way into the program yet, and we want your feedback too. We’re excited to meet our new Explorers, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Glass.”


One thing that won’t be available to Google Glass customers is the option to video call, as Google cited poor user experience as their reason for removing the option, with less than 10% making video calls.

So what will the lucky consumers of Google Glass be able to do with their wearable device? We’ve rounded up the most popular options this device offers:

Sending a Message


Whether you are, whatever you are doing, with Google Glass you can send a message handsfree through SMS or Hangouts.



Google Glass makes it easy to stay on track with step-by-step navigation.

Word Lens


Let Google Glass instantly translate anything from road signs to menus from one language to another, all in real time.



Search for anything from how high Mount Everest is to asking directions in German, Glass provides the answer quickly and without breaking your stride

Take a Picture or Video


It’s easy to take a picture with Google Glass, handsfree and whether you are in the world.

Google Now


Make sure all your travels run to plan using Google Glass, from hotel rooms to flights. Google Now for Glass brings you the right information exactly when you need it.



Keep up to date with friends and family as Glass connects you instantly to Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Path, and Twitter.

Google Play Music


Tell Google Glass to play a certain track and away you go, it’s that easy.



Just like the search engine Google, simply ask Glass whatever is on your mind and you’ll get an instant answer.

Strava Run


Stay in control of your run with Strava for Glass by tracking using GPS and analysing your performance to set new personal records.



Improve your golfing game with Swingbyte for Glass, the most natural handsfree way to get real time swing data, coaching and more, all without having to step away from the tee.



Have your very own personal fitness coach to keep you on track by signing up to a workout challenge, receiving real life coaching through Glass.

For a chance to buy Google Glass visit the website Google.com