Goo Gone, or Old-Fashioned Stain-Removal Tricks?

I’ll admit it right now; I love stains. Sound weird? Let me give you an example. On the evening before my wedding, I spent the night at my now-sister-in-law’s house. We got a little merry, and when she blew out the candles in her living room prior to our going out for a meal she inadvertently blew wax all over her expensive leather sofas. Cue panic! But I ordered a hairdryer and a cloth, and melted the wax into the sofa. It looked better after than before as the leather was nourished with the wax, and I still trot out the story to demonstrate that I am the queen of all stains!

Many stains carry many folk remedies along with them. There are probably more ways of removing wine from fabrics and carpets than there are stars in the sky, and when it comes to grass, blood and mud you have only to look at the television to find advert upon advert talking about the stain-removing power of this product or that.

There are, however, many stains that elude such treatments. Chewing gum can keep anyone in desperation, and wax, lipstick, mascara and tar can simply cause you to write off whatever item of clothing has been so affected. Got it on the carpet? Prepare to spend the rest of your time in this house either hating the carpet, saving up to replace it, or saying goodbye to your deposit. And what of random mishaps? I bought some double-sided iron-on interfacing to appliqué some cupcakes onto a bag I was sewing for a friend. Unfortunately I wasn’t very careful, and some of the webbing that holds on the interfacing melted onto my ironing board cover. Time to buy a new one? Actually, I found a new way of tackling stains that worked just fine for me!

Goo Gone is a product available for surprisingly little money which leaves no residue and tackles a whole host of stains. Specifically formulated for sticky stains, it can make a huge difference to your ability to remove tricky substances such as shoe polish, blood, crayon, and tree resin. It’s based on lemon juice and while it does contain other ingredients it doesn’t leave a weird smell. You can have a lovely, clean house that smells perfectly normal as soon as you’ve finished removing the offending stain.

I had actually heard of Goo Gone before, but hadn’t thought about it a great deal. I do enjoy finding the most obscure ways to remove stains others think are a done deal, and for me the thrill of the chase would be removed by the addition of an infallible stain-blasting substance. Or so I thought, anyway. But then tragedy struck.

I used to have laminate flooring in the living room, and I hated it. Any and every stain showed up and it drove me bonkers. So when we finally got around to redecorating and a lush, red carpet was put down I was over the moon. And when – a matter of weeks later – what appeared to be gum got stuck in the carpet out of nowhere… Well, you guessed it, I was heartbroken.

Until I caved and bought that bottle of Goo Gone. Suddenly, my beloved carpet was stain-free again and back to its brand-new state. My ironing board cover no longer needed a towel to be draped over the gooey end to be used. And, well… Goo Gone certainly cemented itself a place in my heart forever.

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