Going To College? Don’t Forget Your Hot Plate

When going to college one of the things that you may need is a hot plate. They will help you make your own meals without having to leave your dorm. The Comfort Zone Electric Hot Plate Model# 123845 is an affordable hot plate that will help you make the most basic things. It is very affordable, but at the same time it is not the best that you can get. The problem with single burner hot plates is that you are limited on what you can do as far as cooking is concerned. If you cook two different things, by the time you are done with the second, the first one will be cold. It does have a heat control, but it does not seem like the low actually does much so you have to rely on cooking everything on high. However if you need your hot plate for basics like instant soup or other items like that then this model will be more than enough.

The two burner model from comfort zone is a lot more convenient than the single burner one. The Comfort Zone Twin Electric Hot Plate 1000 Watt, Model# 123855 is almost the same as the single burner one with the biggest difference of course being that you do have the two burners. If you are having thoughts about just getting the single burner model, then don’t. The twin electric hot plate is well worth the money. It is durable and because it has 2 hot plates instead of one it automatically expands your menu. Like most hot plates the model 123855 does consume a good amount of electricity, so just keep that in mind before deciding that you should use it for every meal. For a college student going away, very few hot plates will do as good a job.

You will not usually be impressed with a single burner hot plate, and you would usually be right, but the BroilKing Single Burner Hot Plate may change your point of view. This hot plate is incredibly sturdy, and can get your cooking done a lot better than other hot plates. The temperature control is actually very good, so you can count on the low heat as well as your high heat when following a recipe. You may be tempted to go cheaper, but you should not. This hot plate is worth every penny and it will prove it for years to come. Of course a two burner hot plate with the same features would be ideal, but if you are looking to save counter space and need a single hot plate, then you cannot go wrong with your purchase.

As you may already know hot plates are some of the most expensive appliances that you can have when it comes to your monthly electricity bill. It was time for a company to come up with a more energy-efficient model and the Caso Blue Two Induction Burner managed to accomplish just that. This hot plate looks more like a supermarket scale than a hot plate, but it does deliver in the cooking department. The display is easy to read and the fact that it is there is of great help for people who are trying to follow a recipe or have never used a hot plate before. It is easy to store and carry and the Caso Blue Two Induction Burner is also very light. The design also takes away one of the bad things about hot plates. They can be difficult to clean, but this model with its flat cooking surface is very easy to clean.

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