Go strapless!

Strapless dresses

Strapless dresses

Whatever the occasion is party, college prom, cocktail party, Hollywood night, wedding, or any other occasion. Strapless clothes fit the bill. Whatever you want to wear, strapless dress, strapless gown, strapless floral dress or strapless tank tops they always make a women look feminine and sexy.

Whatever you choose to wear, strapless outfit will make you look both elegant and glamorous. Strapless outfits are reveling and flirty. They have been in fashion all the time. A strapless outfit can never go wrong in a hip and happening party. Strapless outfits make an elegant wear for women. Like any other dress, strapless dress can’t be just carried casually. It need little care and precaution in its selection and in the way we carry it.

The question is how to wear a strapless dress and look both comfortable and fabulous. Proper fit is very important; little tight or loose dress will completely spoil the way you look. A loose strapless dress will keep falling, and you will have to pull it up frequently. And I am sure no one like to either do it, or see some women doing it. If the dress is too tight, it will look tacky plus it will be highly uncomfortable.

A proper fitted gown or dress will firmly grip the top of your breast without reveling too much. The dress should be loose enough from hip and thighs so that it gives enough space for comfortable walking.

Always make sure that the fit of the dress is good before buying it. The dress or grown should fit well. When trying on your favorite strapless gown or dress, check if it’s slipping or not. While you are in the trial room try to raise both hands and see if it’s slipping or not. Bend down to see if it’s not too much reveling. Sit down to test it’s comfortable or not. Too tight dress or gown will pinch your skin and will look tacky.

A Strapless dress will retain its hour-glass shape even on a hanger if it’s made from high quality fabric and with proper cut and stiffness. Women with wide shoulders should not try to wear a strapless gown or dress as it will bring too much attention to the shoulders. But if you have beautiful shoulders with prominent collar-bone, it will enhance your look altogether.

Always wear a bra with strapless gowns or dresses, even if your dress is rightly structured. It may bring in too much of exposure.

A strapless dress looks gorgeous in any color. I love strapless gowns in white. A short black strapless dress is highly elegant and sexy. Strapless dresses look very smart, sexy and feminine in white. They make the best wedding dress. Strapless gowns or tank tops in red, blue or burgundy adds richness to your look. 

You can shop from designers like Alyce Designs, Jovani, Mori Lee and Jessica McClintock, PromGirl, etc.

Gowns from valentine, black dresses from Gucci, Paul Smith, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, etc are best. They have an amazing collection in strapless gowns, strapless tube dresses, strapless bubble dress, Strapless tank top, strapless sundresses, etc.

You can always drop into any high-end store to buy the best strapless gown for yourself. Wearing a strapless gown or a dress is not just enough. Accessorizing it with proper accessories is a must. Any look will be incomplete without touch of accessories. A strapless gown or dress can be best accessorized with a shoulder wrap or shawl. A fashionable cardigan or a designer blazer will complete your look and will compliment the strapless gown.

If you are not looking for cover ups, then jewelry will do wonders for you. Flaunting a beautiful piece of diamond necklace will work wonders with a strapless gown. Or pair of chandelier earring will add the glam factor to you complete look. A strapless outfit is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Any wardrobe is incomplete without strapless outfits. Women must have a strapless gown, top or dress at least. Today designers are accessorizing the dress itself with beautiful belts, beads and diamonds. Gowns with flair or bubble dress looks good on lean figures. A perfect hour-glass figure is idle for flaunting strapless gown.

I am sure you have few strapless dresses in your wardrobe and you still want more. We can never have enough of clothes. And when it comes to elegant, sexy and glamorous clothes like strapless, no one can stop us from owing more than a couple of them.

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