Go Organic with Your Lip Color

Organic products are those products  which are free from chemical ingredients and additives. They don’t involve testing or research on animals either. The organic products are friendly to the skin as well as the environment around you. These days, you get organic lipsticks apart from organic food, clothing, footwear, skincare products etc. Lipstick is such an aspect in cosmetics and grooming which can never go out of style. It is a must have fashion accessory which can enhance your over all look and appearance greatly.

Lipstick is such a cosmetic which is widely sold and purchased by most women. Many women don’t wear make-up like eyeliners, blush etc. however lipstick is such a beauty product which is used by and far. The most common ingredients of the organic lipsticks include safflower oil, castor oil, Jojoba oil, coconut oil, natural beeswax, palm wax, vitamin E, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter,orange blossom oil etc. Since you tend to lick your lips and ingest small quantities of lipstick, you must make sure it is free from artificial additives. This is the main reason for the widespread popularity of organic lipsticks these days. These lipsticks manufactured naturally are free from petrochemicals, synthetic colorants, preservatives, nano-size minerals, toxic offenders etc. to name a few.

Mostly women prefer to use the branded cosmetics however even the branded ones are found to be unhealthy in the long run. Various drugs and cosmetic colors are added during the lipstick manufacture in order to obtain a palette of vivacious colors and shades. These additives are permitted by the FDA as for the cosmetic usage however aren’t permitted as a food item. Hence, it is best to stay healthy and wisely divert to the use of organic lipsticks and other products. The organic lipsticks are very smooth to apply and last for a longer time on the lips than the normal lipsticks. Since they contain oils and waxes which soothes the lips, it makes your lips feel moisturized. Though the organic lipsticks are slightly heavy on the pocket than the other commercial lipsticks, it is definitely worth the price you are investing. They are versatile and come in a palette of colors with both matte as well as shimmering finishes. The organic lipsticks are great to be used over your nude lips as well as a very good gifting option too.

Many commercial lipsticks have special features such as pearly sheen, glittering effect etc. which involves the addition of certain chemicals and minerals. Plus the addition of synthetic and artificial flavors for the fragrance as well as taste of the commercial lipsticks. These additives necessarily don’t lead to poisoning but can have side-effect like dry and cracked lips and lead to allergies. The organic lipsticks deliver natural pigments to the intense lips which seals the moisture greatly! Though the number of colors and shades in terms of organic lipsticks are limited in comparison to the commercial lipsticks, you still have huge variety to choose from. You have a huge palette of colors to choose from such as coral pink, pastel pink, violet rose, espresso, java bean, red earth, sienna, ruby, crimson, rose petal, black cherry, garnet, ginger, warm shine, hemp shine, bronze, opal stick, purple haze, brown sugar etc. to name a few. These tints are great to be used during the day time as well as the night-time.

Apart from these bright shades as well as the pastel ones in a matte finish, you also get the organic lipsticks in a shimmering effect which is more glossy and useful during party occasions. The organic lipsticks widely available in the market these days have a genuine certified stamp in order to ensure that they are organic and free of toxins. The organic components of the organic lipsticks will cause lesser problems when used by-mistakenly over clothes and walls. Hence it is also easier to get rid of such stains and marks by the organic lipsticks than the commercial ones!

A pollution free environment will make the world around you a better and healthy place for you as well as for others. So go with the organic products such as the organic lipsticks today and make a difference to the world!

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