Go French with your Bedroom Décor

French inspired bedroom

French inspired bedroom

There is a saying in French “Aimez, Riez, Revez. Et Allez Dormir” which can be literally translated as “Love, laugh, dream and sleep”. Well, taking inspiration from the French, it can be quite a fun thing to include some classy and something “en vogue”- just like how the French like putting it, to your bedroom décor. The idea of having a French inspired bedroom décor is to create that perfect, elegant, luxurious room that not only lights up your spirits but also gives you a very spacious, sophist iced and an airy bedroom to relax and unwind.

We all know how amazing the French décor is, now having said that, how do you create your own elegant French bedroom? Well, it’s quite simple all you need to do is keep the following in mind while planning your super-chic-French- bedroom

Le Début: In short, the first step in getting that awe-looking bedroom is by starting with a color palette that is neutral in one plain tone. To this you can add some pleasant colored cushions, quilts and probably even a few accessories.

Accessories: If you plan on adding some authentic accessories, then you can consider quirky porcelain figures, candleholders, antique busts, pretty flowers in classic antique vases, storage boxes and of course mirrors. There are like a zillion French accessories available, but the key is to keep it as minimum as possible. Too much clutter in the bedroom can be irritating, isn’t it?

Lighting:If you have been to France, you would know the true beauty of lighting up. Each and every hour of the day has a very picturesque surrounding. The key to adding the  French touch is to have a very soft lighting in the room. A soft ambience has that sensual effect which helps you to feel calm and relaxed. So, to give that French feel make sure you add a central or a wall chandelier which is very simple and sober in style yet gives a distinct look.

Furniture: When it comes to furniture, ‘Simplicity’ is the main mantra for most of the French bedroom décor. If you want a very French look, make sure you keep the furniture as basic and as minimal as possible, in short avoid clutter. You can probably mix your new and old pieces that give a sniffing feel to your beautiful bedroom.

Touch of Luxury: Lastly, keep in mind to use bed linen that adds comfort and luxury to your French bedroom décor. There are various French themed bedspreads available that will add authenticity to your French décor.

As long as you follow the ‘keeping-it-minimum-and-simple’ rule, you are sure to have a brilliant French bedroom. However if you are stuck with the designing part, here are a few ideas that can help you to create a French bedroom for yourself –

  • Almost all the French bedrooms have nightstands, and if you do not want to go the traditional way, you can use two different nightstands instead of an identical one. Instead of putting round nightstands beside your bed, put one round and square. Or you can always use others furniture pieces like an old chest and commode or even a coffee table. These will serve as a nice piece of decoration and as well as a nightstand. Just let your imagination go wild!
  • If you want to add detail to your walls, add a big picture frame, an ornate or you can even consider inserting a mirror. However, keeping the walls empty is also considered to be very French!
  • Use old quilts and French sheets as bedcovers as they give that top-notch, rusty and elegant look.
  • For the cushions use back scraps of various treasured pieces of stripes, toiles, florals and checks with a brand new piece of fabric of your choice.
  • Also, to bring out the moldings and carvings of your furniture, you could probably paint them in soft color.
  • If you have plain lamp shades and do not mind spending a few extra minutes on them, you could probably transform them by adding pretty toile or dress them up using crystals, beads or even fringes. The outcome is sure to look good.

Having a French bedroom décor is all about mixing things right and keeping it as simple as possible. Give your bedroom a soft French touch to it by adding earthy hue colors, combine  unique and unexpected furniture pieces and  most importantly check if it’s all appealing to you.

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