Go Casual this summer

men's casual summer fashion

men’s casual summer fashion

Summer is the season of being light and bright. With the Sun being at its best, summers are usually harsh, tiresome and particularly dull. However, there are still a many reasons to love summer than hate it. It’s a transition phase. It’s moving from layers and layers of clothes to lesser clothes. I totally look forward to dump those heavy jackets, woolens, gloves and mufflers back into the trunk. Yes, summer is the time to go light with your clothing too. With about another month of summer yet to go by, why not opt for a casual look?

The best way to beat the summer heat and welcome it with open arms is by going casual. Casual clothing is the best way to look fashionable, cool and stylish at the same time be comfortable under the summer sun. Summer casuals don’t necessarily mean baggy or sloppy clothing. Instead you can look chick and stay cool with fashions that bring more relaxed look than ever. The environment dictates what one should be wearing. Like summer calls for casuals, light colors are more preferred in summers as they tend to reduce heat. In casual clothing you can sport almost all colors. However, it is recommended that you should avoid loud colors. The best color for summer is white. You must have at least one white linen in your wardrobe. Linen is a must have for summer. A white shirt, preferably linen one does wonders to an individual’s personality on any day. A polo shirt is again something that works best for summers. I can never imagine summers without polo shirts. You can wear a polo shirt when you are going out with friends, to a casual meeting, to a picnic, or even wear it for your casual Fridays at your workplace. Earlier there was a limited choice for colors in polo shirts. But today, there is a whole line of fashion that deals only with the various types and styles of polo shirts. A polo shirt is definitely a great buy, so grab on to them for summers.

Short sleeved shirts also add charm to summer wear. What can be more comfortable, light, loose, and relaxed then a short sleeve shirt? They best define summer.

And to go with these, you should buy a pair of nice denims with a comfortable fit. Denims are perhaps the best solutions to complete any outfit – they look perfect whether you team them up with linen shirts, polo shirts or cotton tank tops.

Coming down to the shorts, can we imagine summer without shorts? No, we can’t. Shorts are a wardrobe mainstay no matter where you might live. You have to have shorts for summers. The length of shorts varies, and it is totally a personal chose. Shorts can be just above the knees or they can be three-fourths. Shorts need not necessarily be dull. They can be stylish and in great colors. A military short or the shorts with camouflage print give a perfect look on a laid back day. Shorts come to rescue while going for picnic or going to a beach on a hot summer day. Pairing your shorts with a nice linen shirt or a comfortable t-shirt will work wonders.

When talking about footwear, there is nothing that can be more casual than a pair of flip flops. Flip flops are summer darlings. Summer look can never be complete without flip flops on your feet. They are easy on your feet; give you comfortable space and they look great too. Black, Brown, Beige and whites are some of the colors for flip flops that are the summer favorites. You can pair a brown flip flop with any casual outfit. They go with almost everything. And of course no spring or summer outfit would be complete without a pair of cool sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory. A perfect pair of sunglasses will do wonders to you total personality and your look. They make you look more stylish and will add a style quotient to your personality.

A perfect casual summer is all about going easy on clothing. Going casual in summer is about dumping layers of clothes, becoming light and wearing easy going clothes. Casual look is best for summer, team up the right outfit with the right accessory, and you are ready for the hot summer!

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