Go casual like Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth's casual style

Kate Bosworth’s casual style

Casual clothing calls for relaxed mood and fun time. Casual clothes are easy to carry and they are highly comfortable. They keep the wearer at ease.  Casuals often mean sporting your favorite denims with a cool tank top or spaghetti while looking the best in you. Casual clothes are cool and fun to wear. They speak loudly about the relaxed day ahead. Casual look is what everyone prefers. It is the look which everyone wants to flaunt. Though it looks really easy to flaunt a casual look, it is not that easy. Many actresses have been seen flaunting causal look with perfection and many have been seen in disaster. Kate Bosworth is one such actor who caries the casual look the best. She is classic and sophisticated. Her beauty and simplicity perfectly compliments her mature style. She is one of the most sought-after actors.

She is one of the best dressed actresses in the industry. She has an incredible fashion sense. Whatever she wears, she carries a unique style and individuality with her. It’s not easy to be her. She makes a style statement and she doesn’t even have to try really hard. Never spoil your look by overdoing anything.  California casual look is all about being practical, smart, chic and yet feminine. Her style is all about comfort.

Now, I am sure you all want to look as smart and stylish yet feminine like Kate Bosworth. Her style is simple yet chic. Kate Bosworth likes to wear comfortable clothes. She loves wearing comfortable knit sweaters, jeans and feminine tops which flaunts her personality and style. To get a look like Kate, all you need is to do is keep in mind the following things.

Like Kate Bosworth’s wardrobe is full of jeans, you can also buy some skinny jeans. Bosworth wears skinny jeans in dark shades. Adriano Goldschmied’s skinny ‘cigarette’ jeans are what Bosworth wears. But jeans from Levi’s will do the trick for you. Opt for ‘skinny’ jeans or get a ‘straight’ jeans offered by Gap. This will totally give you Bosworth’s California casual look. Dark wash, low-rise jeans are Bosworth’s style. Pair it with flirty tops, ruffled sweaters or with funky western inspired tees.

Pencil skirts are those which will look good. Kate Bosworth opts for crisp silhouette of a skirt which fits well. Go for pencil fitted skirts to get her look. Kath Bosworth’s evening look is totally electric, she likes to send waves wherever she is. Wear bright-colored vintage looks or get yourself in to a funky couture piece. Whatever you choose, make sure it is always as flattering as Kate Bosworth. She never leaves a boring image behind.

Kate Bosworth never chooses don drab color, off course with the exception of black. Nobody can ever deny beauty of black, not even Kate Bosworth.  Choose bright-colored knit sweaters, tops and tees with feminine details. Pink, bright blue and sunny yellow is her colors. These colors set the mood right for any casual look. Go for these colors to look smart in casuals. Go for V-neck sweaters from Gap, pick few from Chloe which have feminine details like ruffles and lace. It will totally give you Kate Bosworth’s style.

Casual dresses generally fit loosely on the body. Kate Bosworth prefers shirt dress and summer dresses from ‘Michael Kors’ and ‘Marni’. Get yourself some smart and feminine casual dresses to get her look. Buy yourself a few pairs of ballet flats and some sandal. It’s totally Kate Bosworth’s style. It is simple and relaxed style as both the types of shoes are casual, simple and comfortable. She sports sandal from Chloe. You can get these styles in any major shoe shop. Chunk shoes and dark light boots are also her style. Pair these with pencil skirts to get that look.

Accessories should be a minimum for perfect casual look. Funky big dial watch and leather belts work great. Get smart and stylish bags to go with it. Kate Bosworth’s style is beyond guess. She tries as many different looks as she can. She goes for as different hairstyles as her clothes. Keep yourself updated with style. Always stay fresh and always make sure that your hairstyle and makeup compliments your clothes, style, attitude and the occasion and then no one will ever pass without noticing your chic style.

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