Glycans: The New Weapon Against Anti-Aging

new collection of Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator anti-ageing skin creams

You would not be the first person who has never heard of the term ‘glycans’, but this magic ingredient is set to be the new weapon against skincare and anti-ageing, and is L’Oreal’s first line of defence in their campaign for younger looking skin. L’Oreal manufacture the brand new collection of Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator anti-ageing skin creams, which claim to make ‘skin feel tighter as if lifted and wrinkles appear reduced.

The skin looks visibly younger.’ The reason for this claim is the ingredient of glycans which they say combat the signs of ageing and they even have the backing of esteemed plastic surgeon Dr Rozina Ali, who appeared on a BBC Horizon programme, dedicated to understanding how we can look younger.

Dr Rozina Ali investigated L’Oreal’s research in the BBC Horizon documentary, ‘The Truth About Looking Young’, which was broadcast this week. She commented that the science of glycobiology was the way forward in establishing how to reverse the signs of ageing. Dr Ali said, “Understanding the power of sugars is new branch of science – glycobiology. This science more than anything holds out the tantalising possibility of helping us look younger.”

Dr Rozina Ali investigated L'Oreal's research in the BBC Horizon documentary, 'The Truth About Looking Young

Glycobiology is the study of complex sugars in our tissues called glycans. In order to manufacture anti-ageing products, L’Oreal are using these experts of glycobiology to see if adding glycans to their skincare range can help people look younger.

The way glycans work is that they are macro molecules or poly saccharides, and without them the cells in our bodies can’t communicate with each other. The role of glycans in our skin is to provide communication between the layers of skin, the dermis and the epidermis in the dermal-epidermal junction.

The glycans help to send a message to produce collagen which makes the skin supple and smooth. As we age however, the glycans break down and the message to produce collagen does not get through as effectively. Dr Ali says, “Messages to keep making collagen don’t get sent so the collagen starts to deflate and skin wrinkles and sags.

‘L’Oreal claim they can switch ageing glycans back on, restoring communication between dermis and epidermis.” L’Oreal say that they have added a compound of three glycans in their products will help to stimulate the glycans in skin when the cream is applied. Therefore, communication that was previously lost to produce collagen is now restored, and skin will appear younger looking and wrinkles will be plumped out.

Before and after using Glycans anti ageing creams

L’Oreal have already published pictures of women before and after, which showed where their wrinkles look much less lined a month after using the products containing glycans. Dr Ali is excited by the results but would like a larger study with more women using the product, as only 60 ladies tested it. She said, “The woman in me is excited but the surgeon in me is skeptical.

That’s because most cosmetic creams don’t penetrate deep enough or contain enough active ingredients. But maybe glycans can reach the areas other cosmetic creams can’t.” L’Oreal believe that glycans can indeed reach the deepest part of the skin that other cosmetics cream can’t and this week they are commissioning an independent UK-based clinical trial of the Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator skincare range.

The Scientific Director for L’Oréal UK and Ireland, Julie McManus, said, “L’Oréal has devoted over 20 years’ research into understanding the role of glycobiology in skin and the changes that occur with age. We have succeeded in developing highly effective products based on glycobiology, protecting the important role that glycans play in healthy skin. We are totally committed to proving the scientific results of our skincare products, which is why we are carrying out a UK-based clinical trial on the Forever Youth Liberator range.”

The L’Oreal YSL Forever Youth Liberator skincare range is available to buy at Boots.com or online at www.yslbeauty.co.uk

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