Giving your small bathroom a brilliant make over

Giving your small bathroom a brilliant make over

Small bathrooms can be found in most homes now-a-days. The houses itself are small these days instead of a big ones hence smaller bathrooms. It was once a reality when bathrooms were the size of a bedroom or even bigger than that!

But to fit most of the needs of a nuclear family, a small or medium-sized bathroom is sufficient. To decorate a small bathroom is a very simple aspect with a bit of creative approach from yourself.

The most essential part of a bathroom is always the toilet pot; make sure that you arrange it in one corner of the bathroom. It should never be at the door end side but at the rear end. This is to reduce the chances of the damp smell from leaking out. Besides this, to make your bathroom look like a 5 star hotel one, you can do a simple and affordable make over yourself!

You can hang a picture on the side of one of the wall to add some color to your bathroom. You can also hang your favorite art work. Besides this, you can also purchase a basket to keep some important essentials that are required in the bathroom. This will not only help keep away the clutter but also make it look very tidy and classy!

Outside the bathroom door, you can place a small carpet or rug to soak the water from your feet. You can go for the plastic ones as they are washable and don’t smell of damp water like the ones that come in carpet-like fabrics. These plastic rugs and mats are now available in various shapes and sizes, varying from animal motifs to flowers.

They come in a spectrum of colors and hues, giving you a lot of variety to choose from! This will add a royal look to the bland and simple bathroom. One very important factor in having pleasant bathroom is that they must smell good. You can add some color as well as fragrance with fresh and colorful flowers.

However, it becomes difficult for most of us to purchase new flowers everyday or on a regular basis. So you can go for the plastic ones that are available easily at most household stores in lovely colors. As for the fragrance, you can go for a good air freshener.

The air fresheners were earlier available as spray bottles. However, much for your ease and style, they are widely available in differently shaped bottles which can be kept in any corner of the washroom. It serves the dual purpose of fragrance plus style.

Believe me, the bottles are available in such diverse styles and shapes that they don’t even look like a fragrance bottles! Besides, you can also go for the dried rose petals which are also widely available now-a-days. Another important and stylish toiletry item is candles. The scented ones are available in a spectrum of fragrances, sizes and shapes! They give a very imperial and extravagant appearance to a small-sized bathroom also!

Giving your small bathroom a brilliant make over

As for your toiletries, you can place few of them in a basket hanging in one corner of the bathroom. While most things won’t fit in the basket plus you need a mirror as well. So rather than going for a simple mirror, you can go for a small box type closet that has a mirror on its door. This will serve the dual purpose of a mirror as well for keeping the toiletries.

Good ventilation is essential for every bathroom whether large or small. A small window will do wonders if there is an exhaust fan attached to it. For those of you who have their morning tea in the bathroom while reading the newspaper, this one is for you!

You can place a small yet stylish paper holder for the newspapers. But make sure that you hang it on the wall rather than placing it on the floor of the bathroom.

This will help reduce the mess and dirt, while cleaning the bathroom also becomes easy! To separate the toilet pot from the bathing area, you can go for a plastic partition.

This not only serves the purpose of stopping the water from splashing around everywhere, but also makes your small bathroom look spacious. The transparent sheet or plastic door will add come classy appearance to the bathroom. You can go for plane transparent ones, to the printed colored translucent ones as well. Decorating your small bathroom doesn’t necessarily require an interior decorator you can accessorize it yourself with some creativity you are blessed with!

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