Give Your Website Christmas Appeal

Over the coming weeks, online sellers, as well as high street stores, can expect their best sales of the year so far. Indeed, it’s estimated that in the run-up to Christmas, an enormous £13 billion will be spent online in the UK alone. If you run your own business and have designed your very own company website, then you may be wondering how to make it more Christmassy. There are several things you can do to give your website a more festive feel to it, from designing a new Christmassy border around the edges, to having snowflakes cascading down all over the home page. But which will bring in the customers and which ones will merely aggravate them, forcing them over to browse your competitors sites? Follow our few simple tricks of the trade and you won’t be able to keep up with the increased traffic flow!

To Snow or Not to Snow?

I would advise against having pretty snowflakes drifting across the screen of your home page, not only does it distract from the contents of the website, but it is seriously annoying to potential buyers! Far better to have a modest Christmas themed border around the edge of your main page to give a nice nod to the festive season. This way it won’t get in the way of the products or blurb on your site but it will still give the feel of Christmas.

Make it Easy on Them!

If you go onto a website looking for gifts, what would you want to see? For me it would be a separate category button named ‘Christmas’ and when I clicked on that it would have a drop down menu with Him, Her, Boy, Girl, Grandmothers etc In other words, make it dead easy for your customers to find the products on your website that are Christmas related. Do not make them search around for them in your normal categories, they simply haven’t time. And alert them on the home page what your last delivery dates for Christmas are, so they know whether they have time to order them or not. Make your Christmas products the easiest ones to find on your website.

It’s for Charidy You Know!

Christmas lies uneasily between spending large amounts of money on frivolous presents, and time for goodwill towards all men. Combine the two with links to charity functions that you support or, if you are holding one yourself, promote it on your home page. If you provide a service and not a product, give a reduction in the price and donate the rest to Shelter, or another charity that raises awareness of people who suffer particularly during the Christmas period.

Get a Professional In

Nothing makes a site look better than some relevant, professional images. Visit a stock photo site like www.istockphoto.com or www.gettyimages.com- from winter wonderlands to Father Christmas on a sledge, you are sure to find something that will suit your website and be relevant to the products or services you sell. If you cannot find anything on these sites, try and type in the image that you are looking for in Google and then either ask for permission to use the photo or credit the photo or the site in your blurb.

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