Give Your Walls a Make Over

It’s official, no one is selling their house anymore, everyone is staying put and doing up their old place instead. Okay, I may have just made that up but, in case it is true, and if you wanted a little inspiration anyway to revamp some tired old wall spaces, have a look at what I have been doing for the last hour. I’ve been trawling the internet for ideas on how to liven up boring old walls and what to do to give them a fresh new make over. From hanging huge photographic prints (all the rage this year didn’t you know?), to simple designs of stencil, yes they are back but not those awful ivy leaves that you remember! To coat hangers and exciting wall paper. There’s something I’m sure everyone will like. Let’s start off with a stencil mural and before you all run off screaming ‘Hilda!’, no it’s really not like that..

Cheetah Wall Mural – was £65 now £48.75

If when I say mural to you, you immediately think of Hilda Ogden and her house on Coronation Street where she lived with Stan, under that awful landscape of a mural, then think again. Murals have grown up and away from huge scenes and tiny ivy leaves and silly strawberries in the kitchen. Now they are far more trendy and can add an interesting focal point to a room. Plus they are dead easy to apply, but you must do the proper preparation to the wall beforehand. Make sure you have cleaned yours with sugar soap and then leave to dry before filling in any holes or cracks with Polyfilla. Paint the wall in a neutral colour and then once that has dried, carefully press on your mural. Buy from A Space.

Vertical Gardens – from £29.99

Seriously, have you ever seen anything this amazing in your life? A vertical garden can look fabulous anywhere in your house but the best rooms to place them in are a living room or kitchen or even a larger bathroom. They are great for people that live in apartments and do not have access to a garden, but good to bring the outdoors in as well. You can turn any indoor wall into a green oasis with a series of pockets which are affixed easily to any wall. For more information about buying your very own living vertical wall garden, visit Garden Beet.

Art Vinyl Triple Play & Display Album Frame – £99

Now I think this has to be one of the greatest presents you can ever buy your partner or male friend ever! Especially if they love music and are over a certain age – say 40 odd, when we all used to buy LP records. Do you remember how some of them had really ionic covers and you would sometimes buy them just for the cover? No? It’s a little different with CD’s isn’t it. This Triple Play & Display Album frame let’s you showcase your favourite LP’s on your walls. And if you have car booted all your old records, why not go to a charity shop and see if you can pick thme up again? Buy from Amazon.

Paula Nizamas – Searching The Universe – POA

Buy some eye catching original art and make sure it is huge! I have chosen this gorgeous piece of colourful amazingness from Paula Nizamas, who uses colours in the most extraordinary ways and I would love to own a painting from her. Her most iconic pieces sell out really quickly so if you love her work too, best get in there quickly. This painting is called Searching the Universe and is a canvas stretched around 2″ thick wood and stapled on the back. Edges are painted in black. Painting is wired and ready to hang. Final coat of varnish has been applied for protection. A signed Certificate of Authenticity will be included. Painting is new and in excellent condition. Buy from the Nizamas Fine Art Gallery.

Butterflies Wall Stickers – £24

I love butterflies, I’ve even got a tattoo of one on my stomach but that’s a whole different issue. This pack includes four large high quality pre-pasted butterfly stickers, suitable for all ages (especially me) and are dead simple to affix. Just choose your space, a girly bedroom seems to be the ideal room, and peel off the backs and push onto the wall in question. A great gift idea or treat yourself. I’ll won’t tell I’ve already got myself 2 packs! Buy from A Space. My new favourite website.

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