Give Your Skin A Real Sparkle with Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Day Cream

Diamonds are a girls best friend but now, due to a revolutionary new face cream they could be bbf for totally different reasons. Researchers have discovered that there are properties in diamonds that could have anti-aging properties which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The new Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Day Cream, launched on QVC’S Shopping Channel, sold out in a matter of just one day and now thousands are on a waiting list for more supplies. The moisturiser, which contains tiny particles of diamonds is being snapped up by women after tests showed it reduced wrinkles by upto 30% and women are so desperate to get their hands on a pot that four million of them were sold on the shopping channel when it launched last month. The face cream was created by German television presenter and opera singer Judith Williams, contains ‘Diamagen’ – which are real diamond particles, which claim to give the skin an instant radiance and glow.

They also aid in increasing the amount of collagen in skin. It is a sad reality that our skin begins looking less and less healthy as we age. This is due to many factors, mainly exposure to the sun. Sun exposure damages our skin’s collagen proteins and connective tissues, making our skin less attractive. After prolonged sun exposure, development of facial veins, wrinkles on the face, sagging skin, and thinning of our lips begins. Our skin begins to lose its elasticity and the fibrous protein matrix made of collagen and elastin in our skin becomes rigid as the sun does more and more damage. To combat this natural damage, Judith Williams said she worked with diamonds because she wanted to create creams which combined cosmetic science with pure ingredients from nature. And although diamonds are expensive, she added: ‘It’s important to me that my creams are affordable. Too many skincare lines are overpriced – for me it’s about what’s in the pot.’

The Diamagen complex works by primarily targeting the base of the skin’s epidermis; here it is a stimulant of collagen and at the same time it stops the destruction of protective enzymes. The cream’s strength is that it works to boost three types of collagen; the strong, tough type one collagen which can also be found in the tendons, bones and tissues; the type two collagen produced in capillary membranes and the type three collagen, which is fast growing and plentiful in children, produced in the early stages of wound repair and gives the skin it’s softness. The cream also contains three anti-wrinkle peptides, or amino acids, which prevent collagen breakdown and helps smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. You can buy a range of Judith Williams Luxury Diamond products from http://www.qvcuk.com

Heres the blurb:

Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Day Cream 30ml – £29.50
Immerse yourself in the world of glamour and enjoy the feeling of sheer luxury on your skin! With its unique active ingredient complex DIAMAGEN, Luxury Diamond targets the demands made by more mature skin and ensures a radiant complexion! The secret is a luxurious combination of rich moisturisers and collagen activators, refined with a touch of real diamond powder. For a radiant complexion – day after day!

Intensive triple effect:
  • The Diamagen active ingredient complex supports the skin’s natural collagen balance.
  • Real diamond particles lend the skin a radiant complexion.
  • An effective peptide complex increases the activity of SOD enzymes, thus helping to neutralise free radicals.

The amount of collagen in skin declines with age. Skin loses its elasticity and becomes less taut. Diamagen can improve collagen quality: it counteracts the decline in collagen, thus boosting the skin’s natural collagen balance. Skin becomes noticeably smoother and the appearance of fine lines can be visibly reduced.

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