Give your Home a Face-Lift on a Budget

With the economy as it is, and the threat of another recession on its way, many people have put on hold their plans to either sell or buy a new home. Alternatively preferring to do up their existing one, but with money in short supply, budget ideas of redecorating are de rigour and most people are aiming to make cosmetic changes instead. However, be warned that cosmetic modifications can sometimes stretch far beyond slapping a new coat of paint on a wall, once you get going. But, if you keep within a set budget, from pillows to posters, chairs to curtains, there are plenty of ways to put on a new look without breaking the bank. Here are our tips on giving your home a budget face-lift.

Make a Plan & Set your Budget

First off, look at what rooms you want to do and then set your budget out accordingly. Take a good look at your existing furniture and accessories and decide what you want to keep and what can go to the tip or be recycled. Next, find an ‘inspiration piece’, whether it’s art, a rug or a curtain fabric. Choose something that inspires you because it contains all the colours that you like and want to have in that space, and use it to narrow down your colour options. Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme, your next step is to take on the walls. A lot of homes have plain magnolia or white walls so will you keep to that colour or choose one accented wall; do you want to paint it or have wall paper? Make sure to keep your colour scheme in mind. Many people decide they want an accent wall but pick a colour that doesn’t relate to anything else in the room. If you decide on one wall with bright wall paper in say burgundy, take the same colour and dot it around the room with cushion covers, lamp shades and art and throws. Make sure the blank walls have the accent colour on them too in the form of pictures or wall hangings.

Art & Light

Once you have acquired the pictures that you like, you have to hang them. But did you know that most people position art too high? The way to make sure art is positioned correctly is to hold the picture where you think it should go, and then lower it 3 inches. Another tip is to leave at least one wall in a room blank to rest the eye. You can add some extra architectural interest to the room. For instance, you can create new touches or build on what’s there by adding trim or molding. Most of this is basic carpentry that just needs to be hammered or even stuck on.

Many people forget about lighting when they redecorate, but lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room. By changing your fixtures or adding recessed lighting, you can give a room an entirely different feel. A room should feel inviting when you step into it and this is one thing you can achieve with the correct lighting. Our tips are to buy lamps in pairs not singles, as this can bring the whole room together. You can also add dimmer switches so you can control the level of light for different functions. And do not leave the concept of pairing items to just lamps. Anything looks better as a pair, you need as many pairs as possible in one room.

Update your Furniture & Clutter Bust

An easy way to update your living room is to get new covers or throws for your sofas and chairs. This immediately helps to blend in your new colour scheme with the accented wall you chose previously. Choose light coloured cushion covers for darker sofas and vice versa. A nice touch is to keep a throw on the arm of your favorite chair or sofa for cozying up with a good book or late-night movie, preferably with a lamp beside it. It will add a burst of colour in addition to being functional.

Cleaning out the clutter in a home will make a huge difference, and also, grouping similar things together instead of spreading them all over the house, makes them look important, like a collection of objects. Your final trick is to invest in a couple of items of furniture that are multi-tasking. Like an ottoman or a coffee table with built-in storage. Returning to a de-cluttered house makes us feel psychologically refreshed and able to relax. Place a few scented candles, in the desired colour scheme of course, around the home and you’re finished!

*All pictures courtesy of Adrienne Chinn.

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