Getting to Know the Jordan Shoes Fever

Michael Jordan Shoes

The first ever Jordan Shoes was released in 1985.  It has been considered as the defining moment in basketball shoe design.

These shoes are popularly known as Air Jordan.  They have gained admiration from shoe enthusiasts.  Since then, there was definitely no looking back for Nike and the creators behind the shoe of all time.

To the name the shoe after Michael Jordan has been sheer genius.  During those times he was known as a great basketball player.  He was at the peak of his career and to have him endorse the shoe brand could not get any better than that.

With a whooping undisclosed amount of money, Nike closed the deal with the legendary basket ball star.  Thus, Jordan 1 came out in 1985 being the most buzzed about basketball shoes among sports fanatics.

At that time that it first came out, only simple and white colored shoes are allowed to be worn in the playing arena.  The Jordan Shoes came out in mixed, vibrant and eye-catching colors.  The basketball star was fined by the NBA every time he wore those shoes.  But time and again he proved that these are the most sporty, comfortable and stylish shoes ever in NBA history.  As a result of this, everyone just wants to grab and own a piece of it.

Year after year Air Jordan just keeps on coming.  Introducing a different design and creating a different approach with every shoe that was launched.  Each shoe has a story to tell.  All of these shoes celebrate each and every milestone that Michael Jordan has achieved all through out his basketball career.  This made every shoe a valuable find for every shoe collector.  Even before the shoes were released people go out of their way to reserve such merchandise.

2006 was the year that Nike came up with packaged shoes which was composed of 2 Jordan Shoes.  Jordan VI design and Air Jordan XI design.  Coming up with color combinations for these specific designs made it one of the best and sought after shoes.  Indeed, it was a good year for both the retailers and the manufacturers of the said brand.

Men and women of all ages admire Michael Jordan and it is every shoe collector’s dream to own at least one pair if not being able to collect each design made available to the public.  Indeed, Jordan Shoes has created a phenomenon in the shoe business and will continue to dominate it in the decades to come.

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