Getting the Camera That Suits Your Needs

Digital cameras really have come into their own, and what was astonishing ten years ago is now commonplace; even mobile phones are carrying digital camera functionality that outshines many of the higher-end digital cameras we owned at the time, and they keep getting smaller, more compact, and more powerful. But when is it time to rely on your phone, buy a smaller more portable model, or shell out the big bucks for a clunky DSLR?

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The first factor to consider is the situation. Where are you going and how important is it that you get the perfect shots? Obviously, if you’re headed to a wedding, you want sharp and clear photos, but if you’re going camping at a music festival you may not be able to take care of a DSLR and a phone may be a better option, especially if you’re expecting the trademark muddy weather.

You’ll need to consider the situation and weigh it up against your comfort levels. Taking a DSLR to a wedding will allow you to take top-quality snaps, but you won’t want to drink a great deal of alcohol as you’ll be needing to take care of your camera. Losing or breaking a DSLR is going to be a far costlier proposition than losing or breaking a camera phone or a pocket camera, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t end up in a situation where your camera will be easily broken, stolen or lost.

The clunky, less compact DSLR will allow you greater quality photos as well as offering a much greater versatility in terms of buying different lenses for different situations. This means you can expect a DSLR to do precisely what you need it to if you need or want to get into photography on a deeper, or a professional level. On the downside, this makes a DSLR harder to carry along, and you’ll be paying more. A carry case is the obvious solution, but again you’re spending more money. It’s also more difficult to keep a DSLR safe from thieves as you’ll be hard-pressed to keep it hidden.

Telephones with cameras included have made a lot of progress in recent years. Amazing quality HD videos can be recorded with some mobile phones and you can expect a really surprising standard of photo. An added bonus is the fact that most camera phones allow you to send pictures, upload them to the internet, and share videos easily. However, the quality can be lacking depending on the model you choose, and it’s not always obvious from descriptions whether you can count on good picture quality. However, in cases where you want to travel as lightly as possible they can be an ideal solution.

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A small portable digital camera can offer an excellent middle ground, as you can count on good picture quality but also lower price and greater portability. Additionally, this portability allows you to hide your camera which means potential thieves will be hard-pressed to know where it is or how to steal it.

In short, a smaller, more portable digital camera will be most likely to serve you well in a wide range of situations. You can count on reasonable quality from most brands and the price will be middle of the road. Happy snapping!

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