Getting Out of the Doghouse: How to Make Up for Wronging Your Partner

The story is as old as time: you’ve forgotten a birthday, or insulted your partner’s mother by accident, or taken out your frustrations on them in the form of grumpy comments… Whatever you’ve done, your partner is pretty peeved with you, and you need to make it up somehow. But how?

Flowers remain a big favourite as does chocolate, but be careful. You need to understand your partner’s tastes. If you come out with chocolate, but your partner actually hates the stuff, you’re only digging yourself in deeper.

Many florists offer packets that include a teddy bear or photo frame, or similar items. This may be a good option for a partner who enjoys such trinkets, and places such as Interflora allow you to make your order online and offer quick delivery. However, they also offer gifts that are not flower-based and these can be an excellent option for both men and women.

Taking your partner out for a romantic meal can make a big difference. If money is tight, cook their favourite food and serve it by candlelight. Having a nice meal together can really help enhance the intimacy in your relationship, as it is conducive to conversations that often get lost in the daily grind.

Another alternative takes the form of a set of tickets. Whether your partner’s been wanting to see a specific movie, a West End show, or a football game, a pair of tickets can be a really sweet and personal way to show your love and your repentance for whatever you’ve done wrong.

Jewellery can be a good idea, although obviously it is important to know your partner’s taste. For men, chains or watches can be an excellent idea whereas a set of pretty earrings or a lovely bracelet can do the trick for your female partner.

Finally, a day out for your partner on his or her own can do wonders, too. This is especially a good idea if your partner is a stay-at-home mum or dad, as they often find themselves without a moment to themselves. A day out at a spa is ideal, and vouchers can be bought at your local spa.

Presents can be a good way to show you’re sorry for whatever’s gone wrong, and may be able to settle an argument quickly. As long as you remember to also express yourself in words, they can go a long way towards getting your forgiven for your latest transgression!

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