Getting Into Horse Back Riding Lessons

If you’re looking for a great way to get some exercise in and learn a new skill you should consider a local stable and horseback riding. Not only is it an excellent means of exercise it will give you some wonderful new skills and help you to relax. Here are a few things you should consider before getting involved with horseback riding.

Select A Seat

Before you will be properly able to decide on a stable and trainer to work with you’re going to want to know what seat you’re interested in. Now this may seem like a bit of a furniture question but in actuality the saddles on a horse and the style used when riding are referred to as seats. You will want to decide between western, hunt seat, dressage or saddle seat.

Choose A Stable

Once you have an idea as to what seat you’re most interested in you’ll be able to check out local stables. The internet can help send you in the right direction as far as finding local horse establishments. There may even be videos where you can check out a trainer’s methods and how a lesson or class may go. Take the time to thoroughly look at the person you’re considering taking lessons from. It is far easier to learn something the right way from the start rather than having to relearn something you’re doing wrong.

If you think you’ll want to learn enough that you may get involved with competitive riding it’s not a bad idea to start working with a trainer that is competitive right from the beginning. This will help to insure you start with the skills that you’re going to need and that you’re working with a professional who is up to speed on local events.

Think About Money Saving Ideas

Horseback riding lessons can be very expensive. A private lesson can start quite low in some areas but you will have to weigh out if that is the trainer you truly want to work with or not. Other areas and trainers who are able to offer a higher level of training will charge accordingly. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money while still working with the trainer of your choice you should try the following:

Ask about group lessons and start here. This is a great opportunity for a trainer to help several people at one time and allow the students to save some money. There are many advantages to working this way. First, all the attention isn’t on you so you won’t feel quite as pressured. Next, you’ll also be able to learn from others mistakes. Finally, you’ll have a chance to continue developing a high level of skills without putting a heavy dent in your bank book.

Consider Leasing A Horse

Once you have been working with a trainer for some time you’re going to get bit with the horse bug. This means you’re going to want to be able to ride for pleasure as well as ride with an instructor helping you. You may start considering the purchase of a horse but there are reasons you should consider leasing one first. You may not realize how expensive a horse can get and how much work they are. If you decide to lease a horse you’ll get all the privileges of owning one without the full brunt of the bills. It will allow time to come out and ride, go out on trails or even enter events. You will be protected to some extent against substantial vet bills. In addition to this you won’t need to pay for the entire monthly upkeep or decide what to do with the horse if you get out of riding. 

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