Getting In Shape With Ab Machines

The Ab Glider Abdominal Trainer is one of the first machines that come to mind when thinking workout for the mid body. That is of course because it has flooded your television with infomercials and has promised to give a good workout that guarantees results. It is hard to forget about it because of its specific motion of gliding from side to side to give you that workout, but how does it perform? The Ab Glider will give a lot of people a good abdominal workout, but others will not benefit from it. For example if you are shorter than 5’4” it will be difficult to get on the right position and if you are overweight then the motion needed to make the workout effective is not as easy as it may look on the commercial. The Ab Glider is for people who are taller than the previous mentioned height and who are already in decent shape. If you are one of those people then this machine will help you work out your mid-section. One more thing to keep in mind, this is not an easy machine to put together so if the retailer offers installation then you may want to take that.

The Ab Coaster CS3000 is another ab machine that is making the rounds on the infomercial universe. It is not designed for people who are starting up on a workout program, instead it is for people who have been working out for a while and want to develop their abs. The reason that is so is that it requires some upper body strength to be able to balance from the handles. If you do not have that upper body strength, then using this machine will prove extremely difficult. The people who you may see on the videos will make the motion seem rather easy, but if you look at them, they are already in great shape. As far as the efficiency goes, the motion does prove effective for getting your abs in shape. Because of your arm positioning you are also at the same time giving your arms a mini workout. If you can handle a workout then this machine will give you a reasonable workout, but it will not be that better than others that can do it for a lot smaller price. However some people may prefer this type of machine for their own bodies and since it will get the job done they will enjoy it.

The Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer is a smaller and more economical ab machines that you will find in the market. Because of its size it is easy to take with you or to store it even in a small apartment. But will it be effective? First of all the motion that the Ab Rocket  helps you perform is the correct one, there is no denying that, and making those motions is easy, and that is where the problem is. In order to make the most of this machine you have to increase the number of repetitions that you normally would do. The resistance is simply not there, not even at the maximum resistance. It almost feels as if you could get the same workout by performing the motion without the use of the machine. If you are truly looking to get the best ab workout then perhaps you should go to another machine, but if you are just starting to workout then the Ab Rocket may help you to get that little push you need to eventually start using actual ab machines at the gym.

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