Get Your Yard Prepared For Fall

There are many people who make the mistake of thinking that yard work is best done in the spring. Then when the season rolls around they find themselves wondering why they are spending hours and hours trying to tame their out of control lawn. If a few precautions and steps are taken in the fall your spring season can have more time spent enjoying the weather and less time worrying about how to get your lawn managed.

Get Organized

The first step is setting up a plan. Take a moment to think about your yard and any changes you want to see in the following summer. Perhaps you’ll want to separate some of your perennials and move them around spreading them out. You may even be planning on building a new bed come spring. Whatever your plans are you should make some notes so you have an idea how best to get things in order in the fall so that your spring will be easier. Get all your tools together, yard bags and anything else you’ll need so you can get the project done quickly and efficiently.

Start With Yard Ornaments

Many people like to put their yard decorations away for the winter. This is a great way to insure they will last longer and help your yard look better throughout the season. It’s a good idea to start here. This will give you a chance to get the rest of the work done without having to work around large lawn decorations. Get a spot in the garage cleared out so that you can easily store them without damage or too much clutter. Once you get those put away you can move on to other parts of winter preparation.

Weed And Feed

Many people don’t consider weeding their gardens at the end of the season. This is in fact on of the most important times to do so. You’ll want to make sure to get all the weeds up in a timely enough fashion that they won’t be able to go to seed and spread their irritating selves through the rest of your lawn. The fall is also a very important time to fertilize or make soil amendments. This gives a chance for a good period of time to pass before you have vegetation of any kind depending on the nutrients of the soil. Whatever fertilizer you want to use, add it now and work the soil over and you’ll be sure to have a better growing season next spring.

Compost Those Leaves

All those pesky leaves can be very tempting to put into bags and place curbside. You may not want to do this, however. It’s a better idea to compost as many of these leaves as you can so that you have plenty of fresh food for your plants readily available next spring when you decide to work your flower beds over again. Besides leaves, it’s a great idea to add coffee grounds, egg shells and food products that aren’t sugary, processed or meats. This will make a well rounded compost for the next growing season.

Fall Planting

Many people don’t even think about planting in the fall. This is one of the best times of year to get some wonderful flowers started. There are hearty mums that are great for fall planting and a wide range of bulbs. If you spend a little time in the fall planning your garden for the spring you’ll save a large amount of time when you start preparing for the first planting. Fall bulbs are just one of the many ways to get a head start on a great yard.

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