Get Your Girlie Pink On for Breast Cancer Month This October!

This month, if you happen to notice a more pink hued theme in the air, that’ll be because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as all women know, the prettiest things come in pink. This October you can get your pink on by supporting Breast Cancer awareness and buying a product that has the now infamous pink ribbon on it, such as this fabulous Bottlepink Pomegranate & Elderflower cordial for £3.15, perfect on its own or as a mixer with vodka (we know which we prefer!) Or why not check out these less obvious items, listed below: All products will donate some percentage of their profits to the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.

Pink Party Sky Tops £75

Did you know that super sexy sirens J-Lo and Heidi Klum are fans of Supra’s shoes? Do we need any more reasons to buy a pair? Okay then, how about the annual Pink Party Supra ultra cool bright pink pair designed by the fabulous Elyse Walker? If you buy these gorgeous pumps, you’ll be adding your voice to the fight against breast cancer, and with 50% of the profits going to Breast Cancer UK, you can look gorgeous and up your karma rating in one go, so go on, be charitable and fashionable all at once! They’re only £75 quid!

Lily & Lional Scarf £95

Giving the iconic Breakthrough Breast Cancer pink hue a cool coral twist for the Fall, it’s the perfect super-size, statement accessory that gives back to an important cause. Founder Sarah Curran, comments, “We are extremely proud to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the fourth year running. Our aim is to raise awareness and support for such an important cause through a luxurious item that will fit into your everyday wardrobe perfectly. We are thrilled to be working with Lily and Lionel to create such a beautiful scarf that will help to raise money for such a worthwhile charity. 20% of every sale will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The scarf will be available throughout October exclusively at My Wardrobe.

Champagne Vaseline £3.49

To be honest, this is the closest my lips will get to champagne, what with the austerity cuts those government swines have forced upon us all. But to beat them at their own game and raise money for charity? I’ll have some of that thank you very much! We ladies love these handy tins of Vaseline and they are almost a must-have handbag accessory in their own right! And while we will never stray for too long from the classic version, variety is the spice of life – as is champagne, coincidentally. And what finer marriage than pink champagne and Vaseline? One sweep across the lips results in a soft pout – and a sudden hankering for a glass of the real thing. Waiter!? Available from Selfridges, Boots and Superdrug, £3.49.

Julien MacDonald Tickled Pink Shopper Bag £2.50

I love Asda and that’s before I found out that over the last 16 years they have raised more than £31 million for breast cancer charities! How fabulous are they!? Their Tickled Pink campaign sees staff members dressing up in pink attire, and a week ago they were giving out pink cake and all you had to do was give a donation, bliss! So let’s support them this year by doing our bit to bump up the total – they hope to raise another £3.5m this year alone – and buy one of these bags designed by Julien Macdonald for Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign. From the £2.50 ticket price, 80p goes to Tickled Pinks two chosen charities: Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign.

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