Get your Game on (Find out More about The New LG Dual View Television)

Gamers are constantly looking for a better gaming experience and the major players in the gaming industry understand and try to capitalise on that. The major players are constantly looking for new ways to capture consumer attention and gain market share. You just need to look at how far gaming has come since the early days of Dos’s Lemonade Stand to see how fast the technology is growing.

In the fast paced world of gaming, 3D gaming is now no longer the next big thing and has already been surpassed by the new LG dual view televisions designed especially for gamers. It is not exactly a brand new concept but the execution is totally different to what it was before. Whilst split screen views have been around for a while now, this new venture between Microsoft and LG means that each player views only their own screen, not the other player’s screen as well.

This may not seem like a big deal at first but gamers will understand the merits of the system. Split screens are not only distracting but allow you to get an idea of what your opponent’s strategy is. With the new dual view TV, you will each wear a pair of 3D style glasses that will effectively block the other player’s screen. This new system is bound to give Microsoft a definite advantage in the gaming industry and highlights the advantages of collaboration between industries for the advantage of the consumer.In the end though, this advantage is likely to be short-lived as the others scramble to regain market share. Apparently Sony is releasing similar technology but at a much higher price. Of course, being new technology, getting it set up can initially set you back quite a bit. If you find that the new LG LW98OT is a bit too pricey, hang on to your wallet a little longer.

As time goes on, the technology will become less expensive and competition in the market will get even fiercer. At the time of going to press, the LG LW98OT is expected to sell at two thousand nine hundred US dollars and the 3D glasses at an additional thirty two US dollars.

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