Get Your Closet Ready For Winter With These Easy Steps

Winter often means holidays and holidays mean company. When you are expecting guests it can be tempting to clean the house and shove everything in a closet so no one sees it. The fact of the matter is it’s going to work much better if you have a tidy closet that is handy for everyone to store their shoes, coats, gloves and hats in. It is such a busy time of the year that you might want to know a couple of tricks to getting that closet ready without working a whole afternoon on it.

Seasonal Storage

First of all, it’s pretty safe to say you’re not going to need your summer sandals, beach balls, or other items that you’ll be leaving alone for a few months. These items are best put away for the winter. Get a rubber tote or designate an out of the way spot to put them for the season. Search through your closet for any of the large items, garden tools or any similar possessions that you only use certain times of the year and move those along for now.

Get Rid Of Wire Hangers

Let’s face it somehow our closet becomes a virtual haven for cheap, wire hangers. Get rid of them. If you have the opportunity your front closet should have nice cedar hangers in it. These are wonderful for a guest to hang heavy, winter jackets on and will leave the closet smelling fresher. Also, keeping your hangers to a minimum will help you to keep the amount of clothing to a smaller portion as well.

Invest In A Shoe Rack

There are many people who don’t consider this a good item to have in the closet but it’s safe to say this is one of those items that will make you more than happy that you have one. They are a great way to keep separate pairs of shoes organized and from cluttering up your closet floor. The idea here is to get rid of as many unwanted items in your closet as quickly as possible, relocate others and organize the rest so that you have room for your guest’s items. Many department stores have plenty of easy to put together options. Or if you’re a handy sort of person you can easily construct a nice shoe rack out of oak.

Get Rid Of VHS

Before you laugh, there are still many people who think it’s a great idea to keep these bulky, ‘classic’ movies around for the day they really want to re-watch their favorite films on an older format. Don’t be tempted by this sort of sentimentality. There are many things that you will want to keep around for a rainy day, say an umbrella-but with the many ways to stream all your favorite films why bother keeping any of them around to clutter up your home?

Consider Clear Storage Bins

These can be a neat way to store other items that you have in your closet more manageably. Stackable containers can be a fantastic way to give games a collective home. You can also place scarves, hats and gloves in one of these handy totes.

When you are working on getting your closet in the best possible fashion you’ll want to begin with the bigger items and then work your way to those that can be grouped together. Having a clean and tidy home is a wonderful feeling when you start having loved ones drop by. Won’t it be an even less stressful holiday season if you don’t have to cringe every time the closet door is opened?

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