Get Your Car Cleaned With These Pointers

Do you often find yourself struggling with managing to keep your car free and organized looking? Do you feel you would be much less stressed if you were able to roll around in an automobile that was fresh and shiny but just have a hard time keeping up with it? Here are a few simple tricks that you can try to keep from having too much clutter in your ride.

Put One Tote In For Storage

Every driver has some items they want in their car at all times. Whether it’s some winter gloves, sunshades, or wet wipes, there are always a few things that stay in the car. If you have some of these items the best thing to do is to designate a spot for them such as a tote and put them in the trunk or back. This is good for umbrellas, safety kits, and items that aren’t used every time that you drive.

For Those Items Used More Often

Sure it’s easy to stuff items that you’re only using once in a while into a tote in the trunk but what about something you’re using closer to every time you drive? If you have a few things such as those shades, hand lotion or other items that you tend to grab when you’re in the driver seat designate a spot for them nearby. The console sometimes has enough room for you to easily be able to put a small case holding these essential items.

Do A Clean Sweep

This advice is all fine and good if your car is already mostly organized but what about if your car is a virtual rat hole? The first thing you’re going to want to do in this instance is get everything out of your car. Get it right down to the bare bones and then start putting it back together. Pull up a laundry basket, box and garbage bag and you’ll have an empty car before you know it. Getting it emptied out can be the first start to having a shiny, smell good vehicle.

 The Next Step

After you have all the big clunky stuff, wads of paper and take out bags out of the car your next step is to get it vacuumed out. Generally speaking unless you own a shop vac, you should head out to the local car wash and use theirs. Your vehicle generally gets a lot bigger chunks of dirt and rubbish than your home so you won’t want to use the same vacuum for each.

Get The Cleaners Out

Now is a good time to grab the roll of paper towels and a spray cleaner plus some window wash. A couple of other great tools for cleaning the car is Armor All, Q-tips and toothpicks. With these items your vehicle may look like it just drove off the lot in no time. Start again by ‘ruffing’ it in. This means spritz the dirty areas; cup holders, door handles and dashboards. Wipe these down very well. Work on your windows next. After you get to this spot you’re ready to go over it with the finer tools.

Finish It Up

Now that you have your car spotless you’re going to want to do a few preventive measures, you’ll be able to keep the car clean and free of rubbish for a lot longer. Get an area established for the rubbish. A plastic bag on the glove box or near it is usually perfect. Next you’ll want to make sure you have rugs in place for the dirt you’ll drag in on your feet. Finally, get in the habit of taking everything out with you each time you exit the car. 

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