Get Thicker Looking Hair after 3 Months with new Shampoo

It can be the bane of many women’s lives, their thinning hair, but now a new shampoo claims to give you longer and thicker locks in just three months, so can this be true and what are the magic ingredients?

The Salon Science AnaGain range

The shampoo in question is called the Salon Science AnaGain range, which was developed by Dr Bernhard Irrgang with the assistance of celebrity stylist Andrew Jose. What’s different about this shampoo is that it uses stem cells from plant extracts, many of them rare, which all help to boost the hair and prevent natural hair loss:

“The AnaGain collection is formulated with a powerful Organic Pea Sprout extract that helps to initiate the growth of new hair and encourage the growth of existing hair,” said Dr Irrgang.

 Salon Science Hydraluxe Shampoo Aquacacteen 250ml - £13.00

Salon Science Hydraluxe Shampoo Aquacacteen 250ml – £13.00

The shampoo uses the stem cells in the way that some face creams do to build up the hair and boost it at the same time. Dr Irrgang claims that the shampoo also protects your hair from everyday use and promotes growth from the root.

Dr Irrgang explained that at any time, your hair will be in either of two states, most if it (85%) will be in the anagen or ‘growth state’, whilst the other 15% will be in the telogen state, or ‘hair loss’ phase. What this means that the hair is always either growing or shedding.

How Salon Science AnaGain works

He explained exactly how the shampoo works:

“The AnaGain regime leads to reactivation of hair growth by reducing the amount of hair in the telogen phase and stimulating anagen hair in the growth phase. As the product helps to increase the number of hair in the anagen phase, the hair gets denser and fuller.”

 Salon Science Hydraluxe Conditioner Aquacacteen 250ml - £15.00

Salon Science Hydraluxe Conditioner Aquacacteen 250ml – £15.00

So the active ingredients of the stem cells in the product contribute directly to the growth phase hair being boosted whilst the hair loss phase is reduced:

“As the hairs in the anagen phase are being supported, hair becomes more vital and healthy which in turn helps to encourage hair growth by 80 per cent compared to normal levels.”

The AnaGain Test

The products have been tested on a select panel of whom 95% agreed that the look of their hair was hair improved and they had less hair loss.

Dr Irrgang explains why the product contained stem cells:

“AnaGain is based on Organic Pea Sprouts; a plant material known to have a high level of phytonutrients. The Pea is a vegetable with pod fruits. Each pod contains several peas which are rich in proteins, starch and fibres that protect the plant from disease, dangerous pathogens and UV pollutants.”

 Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub Aquacacteen 100ml - £15.00

Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub Aquacacteen 100ml – £15.00

The benefits of using Salon Science AnaGain

To get the full benefit of the active ingredients in the products, it is recommended that you use all three of the AnaGain products together. There is a shampoo, a conditioner and a scalp scrub. Also in the range are intensive masques, cooling sprays and proacellerant treatments, all of which target hair loss.

Dr Irrgang reiterated the importance of the active ingredients:

“These health promoting phytonutrients are also known to exert beneficial effects on human hair by inducing dermal papilla cells [at the root of your head] to initiate the growth of new hair.”

For more information check out SalonScience.com

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