Get the princess look with a mermaid gown

Wedding mermaid gown

Wedding mermaid gown

Who doesn’t want to look good? And when it comes to attending some haute couture shows or weddings, this becomes even more important. Gowns look simply perfect for evening wear, particularly to weddings. Of all the various types of gowns available, the Mermaid gown is perhaps the most appealing. Mermaid gowns are best for those you have an hour-glass figure. This gown fits the body like skin. It enhances body curves and is hence best to flaunt your perfect body. Mermaid gowns are sexy, stylish, feminine, and hugs your curves to perfection. Mermaid gowns make you look like a princess. These gowns follow you silhouette to mid-thigh, or some follow till the calf and there they have a full flare till the bottom. Mermaid gowns are elegant and highly fashionable and are commonly worn by young girls at prom nights. As a matter of fact, nothing except a mermaid gown will make them a prom queen!

Mermaid gown should only be worn by those women who are confident, who are assured of their feminine form and who are proud of their silhouette and don’t shy away from flaunting it.

It looks the best on tall woman. However, it is not just for tall women, it can be worn by both tall as well as short women. They flatter the curves and enhance them. It is the very nature of a mermaid gown. Mermaid dress when paired with long sleeves and high necklines will create a sensual look. They are not too reveling but with its figure hugging nature it looks equally sexy.

If you have a perfect body, then mermaid gowns are made for you. A strapless, low-cut gown will flaunt your figure the best. The strapless will give a sexy glamorous look to your back and the flow of the frill at the bottom will add the drama. And added accessory like a pair diamond chandelier earrings will give you the looks that kill!

Mermaid gowns are not necessarily for everyone, it is for those who are confident about their personality, who dares to show, and for those who are stylish. If you are getting married, then the best gown for your wedding is definitely a mermaid gown. Mermaid dresses are perfect if you are planning a beach wedding. These are elegant and sophisticated. A mermaid dress will make you look like a princess from a fairytale. It will give you a fairytale look as you glide over the sand.

The total look of a mermaid gown depends on the woman. The better the fit, the better it looks. Mermaid gowns come in various styles. The neckline could be plain straps, low plunging neckline, halter, backless, strapless, or a high neckline or a polo neckline. The choice of neckline depends on the person wearing it – a backless halter looks amazingly stylish and sexy on an hour-glass figure.  The fabric used for the gowns is also very important. The most common fabric is lace, net and satin. These fabrics add a different charm to the gown. Color could be anything, from white and black to any shade of spectrum. Red makes the gown hot and sensual, black give the sexy dark effect, and white is a brides color – it can never go wrong.

Brands like Alyce, Blush, Flirt, Jasz Couture, Jovani, La Femme, Scale, Sherri Hill, Night Moves, Mori lee, Toney Bowls, etc sell wide range of wedding downs. You can find many varieties of mermaid gowns with different cuts, styles and fabrics with them.

Mermaid gown was made famous by Beyonce. She was seen in mermaid gown in almost all the Hollywood nights. Now almost every celebrity is seen sporting a mermaid gown. In the golden era Jayne Mansfield was seen sporting it every now and then. Dior showcased its collection on gowns in 2008.  Since mermaid gowns have come back in fashion, every celebrity is seen in it. Penelope cruise, Eva Longoria, Tina Fey, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. they all are sporting mermaid gowns now.

But there are certain things that need attention. If you are pear-shaped or on the heavier size, a mermaid dress will make you look like a fat ball as it enhances each and every detail of your body. So if you have a great body, mermaid gown is just made for you.


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