Get the perfect formal look for your business lunch

Stylish business suit

Stylish business suit

As the popular saying goes “A man is known by the company he keeps”. How true, but what about clothes? Don’t they say anything about the person? Doesn’t it exactly tell you about the person? It does. I feel clothes speak the loudest of all – they have the loudest vocal cords.

I think if you are wearing a cool hat, glares, shorts and cool polo shirt with flip-flops, won’t your attire shout – casuals? And, won’t it speak in joy about the relaxed day you are looking forward to? It will by all means.  So if you want to know about a person, first look at his clothes, look how he/she is dressed.

It will tell you all about that person’s lifestyle, confidence, attitude, and mood and as a matter of fact, his income and status as well. Men don’t have so many clothes and so many types for so many occasions to choose from like girls. Girls can have hundreds of occasions and many hundreds of clothes for those occasions to choose from.

Men can literally wear formal attire for weddings, wedding receptions, business meetings, job interviews, funerals, races, social gatherings, business parties, etc. Formal attire is, probably the most sought-after dress code for the office wear. It is in one way very easy to just put on your best coat and you are ready for anything. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

Especially during the hot summers, it becomes even more difficult to find appropriate business suits for formal occasions. Assembling proper clothes with proper accessories for different occasions is very important. One should be extremely careful while choosing formal attire for a business meeting.

As you are attending a business meeting, you will be amongst the most important people and you would want those heads to turn to you in appreciation only. Who would want people to notice them for disaster clothing combination and for a miss-match of clothes? The clothes you wear will reflect your persona. It will tell everything about you. It will show your personality and your attitude towards business and life.

For any business meeting or lunch, a traditional business suit will be perfect. You can pin a classy tux with the suit. The suit you wear should be of high quality material and it should be well-tailored. An ill fitted suit will show your careless attitude and that kind of attitude is a total no-no for any business. Shades like dark gray, navy blue and black looks the best on men. Black has its different beauty; nobody can resist a man in black.

Business suitFabrics like pure cotton, silk and wool can be used for these suits. The shirt you wear inside the suit should be of light color. Either white or any light shade. The tie with the suit should be conservative and should be in solid colored silks. Now, when you know what to wear, you must also know, how to accessories the business attire to make your look complete.

Select a pair of cuff links to compliment your business attire. It will add elegance to your look. Selecting a perfect belt is also important to make your formal look complete. A matt finished jet black leather belt will add style to your attire. Go for silver rather than golden, golden in not formal and flashy belts are also not recommended. A wide brown belt also looks quite classy.

As a must accessory, we have watch, like we all know watch is the most important accessory of a man’s attire. Choose a watch which is not flash, but classy. It will add a style quotient to your look. Last but not the least in the list is the shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes is equally important as shoes can tell a lot about a person. So wear right shoes with right suit.

Your formal attire will look incomplete without a pair of classy shoes. Wearing expensive stylish shoes will do the trick as people notice expensive shoes.  They will reflect your status. A jet black laced formal shoes will go with almost everything but buy few pairs of shoes in black and brown to match according to your attire. Never ever go for colorful shoes on formal attire. That will drop your rankings.

Now that you know what to sport and how to do it, I am sure that you will turn all the heads to you. But that’s not all because to make your business attire look like it’s made for you; you need to carry yourself well. Stride with confidence and elegance and speak intelligently and then see how the world looks up to you! Look stylish from head to toe and make that lasting impression!

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