Get some Urban Chic into Your Home

Is your living space looking a little tired and worn out? Do you fancy a change of style but not know where to start? Fancy something urban and chic but haven’t a clue what to get? Follow these simple tips and you will not need to spend a fortune on transforming your house, but the change will be drastic! Think about going for bold colours and adding different textures into your accessories such as cushion covers and throws. For instance, pair up cushions in matching colours but have one pair silk and the other a creamy velvet. Don’t be afraid of combining metal objects with wood or glass but keep to some kind of theme such as the same shapes or a pattern on a wall. Here are a few more ideas:

Say it with Glass

There are some fantastic glass objects, vases or bowls in extraordinary colours these days. You can make a window sill a feature by combining a selection of coloured glass objects together, or introduce some one-off impact looks like an oversized multi coloured glass bowl or glass vase. Or stack all your glass objects onto a book shelf or mantlepiece. Whatever you do, don’t dot them around the place, either have a huge one-off piece or group them in one place. If you group things you make them look more important.

We love Stripes!

Multi coloured and graphic lines evoke typical urban cool, so think about having a central rug in muted and dark stripes to do the trick. Or, if you love colour in your home, go for a multi coloured one and you can pick out your favourite colours from this to accessorise the rest of the room. To balance out and soften the hard lines of an urban look invest in a few house plants. Graphic shapes such as palms and the sharp leaves of aloes work well.

Be Dramatic!

Think carefully about your colour scheme, colours such as deep red against black and chrome look good. You can mix in some clear acrylic or glass to soften the look. Make sure that if you go for darker, muted tones that you add plenty of ambient lighting in your home to brighten up gloomy corners. Think about having lush, soft fabrics such as velvet and wool in your accessories which will also soften the look of the room.

Glam up your Walls

Most people think all they have to do with bare walls is paint them but there is so much more that you can do. Buy some dramatic wallpaper and use on only one wall to create an ‘accent’ wall. Turn your favourite snaps from your city breaks into black and white pictures and put them into black wood frames. Group them in rows for maximum impact.

Leather cover ups

Nothing screams urban cool like leather upholstery so see if you can get new covers for your existing sofa, or look out for great leather cushions to add to the city slicker look. If you cannot, why not invest in one new armchair and place it in a well lit spot with a small table next to it to create a reading area. Make sure there is a lamp and a throw over the chair for maximum comfort.

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