Get Rid Of Unsightly Cradle Cap

Having a baby is a wonderful and beautiful experience. People are excited to come over bearing gifts of tiny clothing for your little miracle that will soon be arriving and you’re anxiously coming up with all sorts of different names that may be suitable. The learning curve for becoming a new parent is likened to nothing else in the entire world. You are going to encounter changes at lightning speed, worries you never thought you’d have and new things every step of the way. As your newborn turns a few weeks old you may come across a very well-known condition called cradle cap.

What Is Cradle Cap?

The good news is that cradle cap sounds much worse than it in fact is. Many times when new parents first hear the words they think it is something that is going to be an ongoing condition and cause their child many problems. The truth is that it is very similar to an extreme condition of dandruff. Your child is growing very quickly and as such will be developing skin cells on an almost constant basis, especially on their head. There is so much develop they still have to undergo; physically, emotionally and mentally that they are constantly changing. Their head and scalp isn’t nearly fully formed when they are born so there will be a lot of work left here. This means there will be tons of new growth. Cradle cap is the excess skin cells that are dead but are collecting on their scalp. The upside is that it’s not difficult to take care of this unsightly problem. And keep in mind, that it is a problem and not a medical emergency or a sign of lice and bedbugs.

Is It Related To Hygiene?

The short answer is no, cradle cap is not in relation to hygiene at all. You can be the cleanest parent on earth and your child is still going to be shedding old skin cells especially on their scalp as they form new growth. The long answer is that if you aren’t brushing your child’s hair and bathing them regularly there will be more buildup of these cells. In order to keep a health scalp it is a great idea to set a regular bath schedule and a routine regarding their hair. Because newborns often don’t have much hair parents may not think of the care that should be involved.

Is There An Easy Way To Get Rid Of It?

The best news about cradle cap is that it is very simple to treat. Remember that it is dead skin that is drying and collecting and you’ll understand the best process to rid your child of it easily. First, get in the habit of a daily bath. Obviously when you first bring baby home from the hospital most doctors will recommend you wait and don’t bathe them daily. After a month or so this will need to change. Before bath time it’s a great idea to take a soft baby brush and brush their scalp and hair. Even if they only have a few strands, this soft brush will help to remove old skin and encourage good blood circulation to the cells that are developing. When you give baby their bath make sure to wash their scalp with baby shampoo gently. Finally, after their bath then make sure to massage baby lotion, baby oil or even a light bit of olive oil onto their little scalp. If you follow these simple steps you will help your little one through this part of their growth and development with flying colors. 

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