Get Organised and Shed Those Pounds

Dieting is a popular pastime; most women and a sizeable proportion of men feel they should lose some weight. But could you be getting organised in such a way as to make dieting easier?

The first step to dieting successfully, of course, is to throw out any foods you should not be eating. Don’t be tempted to keep a cupboard of ‘naughty’ foods just in case you’re too tempted; having it available will make it much harder to resist. Going to the shops for a bottle of pop or a bag of crisps will allow you much more time to think things through and come to the inevitable conclusion that you should go back home and munch on some carrot sticks. Buy some healthy snacks and make sure you focus on filling foods that will keep you from feeling hungry and deprived all the time.

Organisation goes beyond your cupboards, however. No matter what type of diet you follow, keeping track of what you eat is a good idea as it allows you to account for your intake. A notebook you can carry along with you is a great idea, but alternatively you could use a whiteboard, too.

Planning ahead allows you to really take control of what you eat; come up with a filling, healthy breakfast and submit to repetition as you eat it every day. You’ll know precisely what to expect and how many calories or WeightWatchers points you’ll be taking in on a daily basis. Plan your other meals ahead of time, too; knowing when and what you will be eating will allow you to feel less deprived. It is very hard to keep from eating things you shouldn’t when you’re unsure where your next meal will come from and when; however, knowing you’ve only got x amount of time to go before you’ll be eating a filling meal allows you to exercise a lot more patience.

For many people, eating is simply ‘something to do,’ and if you’re one of them you need a new hobby that will keep your hands and mind busy and off of food. Sewing, knitting, playing video games – anything that requires you to use your fingers for something other than putting food in your mouth will not only keep you busy but also give you a sense of accomplishment when you complete a project. Discovering a new hobby, with relevant books and starter kits, can really help to take your mind off the diet.

Finally, hanging Post-It notes around the house in key places, emblazoned with inspirational phrases and reminders that you can do it can help, too. Remember that the first two or three weeks will be by far the hardest, and if you make it through them you’ll find things ease off a lot. Lose weight slowly and at a sustainable pace and you can make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and help you feel more confident and happier in your skin!

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