Get Box Clever for Summer Wines

More wine should come in boxes. It is convenient, more environmentally friendly and it usually works out cheaper than buying wine in heavy glass bottles. Wine boxes last for around 4 weeks after opening and can be stored in the fridge. They are great for parties – a 3 litre box is the same amount of wine as 4 typical 75cl bottles. The bad news is that sometimes’s there is not a great deal of choice of boxed wine in the shops but we’ve found three excellent white wines in boxes available from the supermarkets which are all perfect for summer barbecues and parties, or simply to drink at home.

1. Rue de France Vin Blanc Vin de Pays de Vaucluse (3L)

£18.79 (62.6p / 100ml) Waitrose

This refreshing white wine sold by Waitrose is from Vaucluse in the south west of France and has a fruity, lemony tang that goes well with chicken, lamb, fish and salads. It’s crisp and fresh with hints of citrus and can also be drunk on its own. It’s sure to be a hit with those who like light and fresh tasting white wines.


2. ASDA Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cube (2.25L)

£10.00 (44.4p / 100ml) ASDA

ASDA offer a variety of 2.25L wine boxes for £10 each which are outstanding value and good quality. This Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is no exception. It’s very drinkable with fish, chicken and salads or on its own and has a refreshing, zesty taste with flavours of pink grapefruit and gooseberries. It is a single varietal wine made only from Sauvignon Blanc grapes and would appeal to those who like fruity whites.


3. Raffio Pinot Grigio (3L)

£18.79 (62.6p / 100ml) Tesco

This deliciously crisp, dry white wine from Tesco has been produced from Pinot Grigio grapes from some of the best wine growing areas in north east Italy. Careful winemaking has preserved the refreshing flavours of apple and citrus fruit, rounded by a creamy finish. This versatile wine can be enjoyed on its own as an apéritif, or as the perfect accompaniment to creamy pasts, risottos, chicken and fresh seafood. It’s a great choice for those who like their white wines full of depth

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