Geri Halliwell Designs Union Jack Collection for Next

A little piece of pop trivia for you now; did you know that the iconic Union Jack dress, worn by Geri Halliwell at the 1997 Brit Awards on stage with the Spice Girls, was actually a plain old black dress by Gucci? Apparently Geri thought it looked too boring so she and her sister decided to ‘spice’ it up by sewing a Union Jack tea towel onto it before the performance. The iconic dress, which has now secured itself a place in pop history, not only sold sold at auction for an incredible £41,320 the next year, but it also has its’ own page on Wikipedia.

Fast forward 15 years later and now Geri is designing her very own clothing range for Next, and this new collection is taking direct inspiration from the Union Jack dress. So let’s spot the difference between the original and the new. First off we can see that the hem line on the new designer piece is significantly lower and more demure than the original dress. Perhaps this is a nod to Geri’s new role as a mum to Bluebell, her daughter. Added sparkles are always a welcome extra to any outfit and the new design is positively glowing with them. And the bustline is decidedly higher on the newer dress than on the original.

Geri, 39, was out and about in central London today at one of the Next stores to launch her collection, along with some other slim line beauties who braved the Siberian weather in cute little bikinis and tops. The collection includes a full length maxi dress, several sleeved and sleeveless tops and tee shirts, a tankini and a bikini and an off the shoulder top, along with the dress that Geri herself modelled, which will retail at £199. The Great British Collection is due to be released into stores online from next month but we predict with the Olympics in a few months, they are bound to be first past the check outs in stores all over the country!

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