The Gerber Generation Says ‘Hello!’ to America

Saying “hello” to a new generation of Gerber is the theme of the legendary baby food maker’s new marketing campaign. The Gerber Generation marketing campaign uses the voices and dreams of today’s youngest children to bring to life the company’s full range of nutritional products and resources for children from birth to preschool. The campaign epitomizes the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Nutrition System and reflects the company’s commitment to helping create a healthier generation.

Rick Klauser, Head of Marketing, Nestle Infant Nutrition says. “We have been leaders in early childhood nutrition and focused on the issue of childhood obesity for years. Research shows that the nutrition children get in the first five years can affect their health forever. We thought the idea of telling the story to moms from the mouths of children from all walks of life, at every stage of development from birth to age four, was compelling. These children are the next generation, the ‘Gerber Generation,’ and they deserve a healthy start.”

The Gerber Generation packaging has icons for each age, to help moms readily identify the right products for her child’s developmental stage. These package cues include a unique, color-coded Milestone Symbol and a Benefit Band that describes how each product supports the developmental needs of children in a particular stage. Their ranges include pregnancy, birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler, preschooler and all ages. On the website www.gerber.com there is a menu planner which allows you to create nutritionally balanced menus for each stage of your child’s development and if you register you can receive personalised information geared to your little ones development. Here are a few of their products:

Gerber® GOOD START ® 2 – $20.19

  • For Older Babies and Toddlers 9-24 Months
  • Powder – Add Water
  • IMMUNIPROTECT(TM) Probiotic – Bifidus BLTM , for Advanced Immune System Support
  • Made with Probiotic Cultures, like those Naturally found in Breastmilk
  • Unique COMFORT PROTEINS® for Easy Digestion
  • DHA & ARA for Brain & Eye Development
  • Supports Healthy Growth & Development
  • A Nutritious Alternative to Cow’s Milk
  • Gerber recommends Breastmilk as the best start for babies.

Gerber Graduates Strawberry & Apple Puffs, 1.48-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6) – $12.36

  • Case of six 1.48-ounce containers (total of 8.88 ounces)
  • Sweet blend of rice , oat, and wheat-flour puffs flavored with strawberry and apple
  • Designed for baby learning to eat with fingers; proper size/shape for baby to grasp
  • Baby ready for puffs when she/he crawls on hands/knees and eats larger pieces of food
  • Light/airy texture dissolves easily in mouth; all natural flavors; good source of iron and zinc

Gerber Graduates Healthy Meals Cheesy Pasta Chicken & Vegetable with Peas – 12 Pack – $38.69

  • Value-Pack consists of 6 meals, 6 oz. ea.
  • Developmentally appropriate for preschoolers
  • 10% daily value for 6 vitamins & minerals
  • Good source of protein (from chicken)
  • Full serving of vegetables (one preschooler serving of vegetables is 1/3 cup of vegetables)

So if you have just had a baby, or are a mom to be or have a child under five, check out the Gerber website, it is packed with useful nutritional information for you and your baby. It is as if you have a close family friend who has been through it all before and wants to share their knowledge with you.

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