General Election: All you need to know about the Conservative and Labour’s manifestos

General Election: All you need to know about the Conservative and Labour’s manifestos

After months of saying there will be no General Election, the Prime Minister Theresa May has now called a snap one for June 8. If she wins she will be able to deliver the hard Brexit she has always wanted and with a bigger mandate.

With just under a week before the nation goes to the polls in the General Election, many voters are still undecided about which party will get their vote. For many it is a case of having to read through lengthy manifestos to get to the salient points that affect them and their families.

In order to cut through the small details and provide a concise list of the key issues in each party’s manifesto, we have provided what we think are the most important points.


  • Raise taxes on those earning over £80,000 p/a
  • A new 50p tax levied on those earning over £123,000
  • Reasonable management of immigration figures
  • Bring back railway networks into public ownership
  • Partially convert energy companies into public ownership
  • Abolish tuition fees and maintenance grants introduced for university students
  • An extra £30 billion for the NHS
  • Scrap the pay cap and reintroduce nurse’s bursaries
  • Ban zero hours contracts
  • Unpaid internships banned
  • Improve social care by investing an extra £8 billion
  • End 15 minute care visits
  • Bring minimum wage in line with working age by 2020
  • Double paternity leave
  • Triple lock guaranteed for pensioners
  • Commitment to build one million new homes, including 100,00 council houses
  • Scrap the bedroom tax and reinstate housing benefit for under 21’s
  • 10,000 new police officers


Labour plan to tax the better off in order to fund the NHS, railways, Royal Mail and the energy companies. Those who will be affected the 5% of top-income earners who are taking home over £80,000 per year.


  • Winter fuel payments to pensioners to be means-tested
  • Pensioners will stop paying for their own healthcare once savings are down to £100,00
  • Build at least 100 new free schools
  • Scrap the ‘triple lock’ tax by 2020 and replace with a ‘double lock’
  • Reduce net immigration by the tens of thousands
  • Increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion over the next 5 yrs
  • Retain foreign aid budget of 0.7% of GDP but change the way it is spent
  • Increase budget for military by 0.5% above inflation
  • Set up a national infrastructure police force
  • Build a million new homes by 2020
  • Repeal the ban on fox hunting
  • Introduce a fixed cap on energy tariffs
  • Scrap free school meals for all infants but introduce free breakfasts


The Conservatives have pledged to lower immigration, increase funding of the NHS, and raise the personal tax allowance. Those who are most affected by their manifesto are pensioners who are in the middle-income range.

Whoever you think will be best suited to run the country, don’t forget to vote on the General Election on June 8!

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