Gearing up for autumn

Cardigans for your autumn wardrobe

Cardigans for your autumn wardrobe

With summers coming to an end, we need to end the summer styles as well. We need to gear up for the autumn styles. When you are starting to get your wardrobe a makeover for the autumn, there are several many things that you will need to keep in mind. You will need to say goodbye to those floral summer dresses, the denim shorts, the camisoles, your favorite summer hats, the halters, short skirts and all of that which belongs to the summer clan. And with that you welcome all those soft warm clothes in.

You might wonder what is so special about autumn clothes. The best thing that autumn brings in with it is Cardigans and sweaters. How we all love those smart and stylish cardigans! They are not just sweaters to put on, when it’s cold; they are your style statement. The kind of cardigan and sweater you sport will tell a lot about the kind of person you are.

Cardigans or sweaters can be hand-made or machine-made. Hand-made cardigans are costlier comparatively to those that are machine-made. They are exquisite hand knitted and made with delicate lace. They generally have front opening with buttons or a pull down zip. Pull-overs are also available in sweater styles. Initially cardigans were only meant for women, but since the men’s fashion industry is growing quite fast and vast, cardigans are now made for men as well.  Plain cardigans can be worn over shirts or inside jacket. The best thing about cardigans is that they can be worn as either casual or formal wear. Cardigans can be sported in every season if they are not to hot, but they are very famous in autumn and winter seasons.

Cardigans in monochromatic tones were quite popular in yester years. Sleeved and vest form in monochromatic color scheme is more popular with older people. They are viewed as conservative fashion staple. But today monochromatic scheme is not in. Today the youth prefers more of bright colors, prints and textures. Today cardigans come in stripes, checks and different floral and abstract prints. These beautiful prints and colors make these a total hit amongst everyone and especially amongst youngsters. Designers have not just experimented with colors; they have experimented with prints and designs as well. When you go to a store, you are subjected to a wide variety of cardigans and sweaters. It sometimes becomes so difficult to choose just one from the other more beautiful ones.

cardigan styles

cardigan styles

Cardigans come in beautiful bright colors like red and purple, and almost any color you want them in. But the traditional colors will retain its beauty. Cardigans in black, gray, brown and beige will remain the market rulers. Cardigans come in different styles and patterns. I love cardigans with lace at its edge. It looks so feminine and gorgeous.

Knitwear and sweaters are always associated with its loose look. They are looked upon as only a garment to keep you warm.  Sweaters and cardigans are not that anymore. They are stylish and fashion statement now. Sweaters and cardigans are something which you can’t do without in winter season.  Women who are fashion conscious should choose a style and cut which will suit their personality. They should choose a complicated cut rather than a simple plain cardigan. The cardigans give a sophisticated look to a woman’s personality. Cardigans have a different place altogether in woman’s fashion knitwear. They are universally accepted.  It successfully replaces your summer coat and the evening attire altogether.  The length of cardigan should vary according to her needs, plus according to the occasion she is wearing it. It can be anything, short or till mid-thigh or mid calf. It all depends on where you are going and how you are carrying yourself.

Every woman who is fashion conscious must have a knitted warm and comfortable cardigan which will please her body and eyes with its beauty. It’s important to carry your cardigan with style and attitude; else it will give you a complete wrong look. You can accessorize it and make it look fabulous. So this autumn don’t forget to get few of them in your wardrobe, I am sure you don’t want your wardrobe to look incomplete. So get the best of those in your wardrobe before anyone sets their eyes on it. Most importantly, accessorize it with style. Stay fun, hot, stylish, and gorgeous this autumn!

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