Gavin Walsh Home Program Boot Camp: Lose a Dress Size in 28 Days!

Time is precious and let’s face it, a major issue for everyone. Even if you are motivated to go a gym session, attending one for a 30 minute work-out will probably take you the best part of an hour-and-a-half when you factor in travel, changing and showering and if you’ve got family that’s almost impossible!

Then again, you might just be one of those people who signs up but never goes and the gym management won’t care. They take your money and are not really bothered if you turn up or not. In fact, it’s probably better for them if you don’t! I know lots of people who pay every month for a gym membership that they never use: it’s crazy!

Plus, gyms are pretty boring places and not somewhere you want to be if you’re at all body conscious. And as soon as you get out of the rhythm of going, it’s difficult to get back into that routine. Maybe you’ve never got into a routine in the first place or feel intimidated as soon as you walked into one? Even if you had the motivation, where would you start? Running? Weights? Powerplate? You’d need a personal trainer to take you through all the equipment and don’t you have to pay extra for all that? If you are self conscious about going to a gym then how about a gym workout but in the comfort of your living room? This is how Gavin Walsh came up with his idea of the home program.

He had been running fitness boot camps for several years now and was one of the first people in the UK to start them. People have been coming to his camps, month after month, to get fit and lose weight and the reason they come back again and again was because they get RESULTS: simple. Most people who joined his boot camps wanted to lose weight but he knew that he couldn’t run boot camps at every location he got asked for or at times that suit absolutely everyone.

One day his sister Sarah, who lives in Nottingham, couldn’t get to any of his boot camps, but desperately wanted to get get in shape. That day she decided she’d had enough! But she didn’t know where to start. Big brother to the rescue. “Gav, can you write me a program to lose weight?”, she pleaded. Now, just because she’s his sister doesn’t mean that Gavin was going to automatically write her a program. So he sent her a text with a short, but difficult, workout to complete.

The next day, to his surprise, he got a message back from Sarah saying “Hi Gav! I ache like hell, but what’s my next workout?!” Good start! He sent her another text workout and then another, for a total of 4 weeks. She stuck with every one and even followed the nutrition guidelines that he’d given her which he gives to his boot camp members. Sarah’s results were far better than Gavin could have imagined! He knew she’d get herself in shape if she could stay motivated and it seemed that getting a message from him every day did the trick. When he was a little slow to send out the workout she was on his case, “Gav, where’s my workout!!!”. In just 28 days she managed to lose a total of… 24lbs and 20 inches!

Crazy, right? But that’s exactly what happened. The messages, the workouts and the nutrition info, on a daily basis, were just what his sister needed to get her to shift some serious fat. The daily workouts sky-rocketed her metabolism and she was able to burn more fat 24/7. She didn’t need any equipment, didn’t have to get changed into any workout gear if she didn’t want to, didn’t feel self-conscious working out in front of people and didn’t have to spend hours or £’s in a gym. The perfect situation right? So, it got Gavin to thinking: maybe he could help other people with this type of program. He could use emails, send exercise videos, his nutrition manual and the exercise directory from the boot camps! And so was born the Home Program. Here is what you can expect if you sign up to it.

28 short work outs

Daily emails every morning from Gavin for a month containing short work-outs. Within the emails will be a link to a YouTube video. All you have to do is follow the link and you’ll see his ugly mug pop up giving you your daily dose of GW fitness! These videos are unlisted and even work on your smartphone!

Nutrition Manual & Recipe Book

His nutrition manual will tell you what to steer clear of if you want to incinerate fat over the next 28 days (and what to replace it with!) If you’re lacking a little imagination in the kitchen, then there’s over 40 recipes  for you to try out that are healthy, nutritious, delicious and, of course, help you burn that flab! Plus a diet plan to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Exercise Directory

Don’t worry, most of the exercises are really simple and all you need is your body. But for those who aren’t exercise savvy his exercise directory will give you a heads up on the exercises you’ll be doing over the next 28 days with photos and descriptions  so that you can be sure you’re doing each exercise correctly and effectively.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Gavin knows the program works: just look at the testimonials. But if, for any reason, it doesn’t work for you then he’ll give you your money back! Let’s be honest though: the only reason the program won’t work is if you’re not following it or you’re not giving it your all!

So to conclude, the four week bootcamp at home program features:

Healthy eating manual

Eating plan

More than 40 recipes

Daily motivational emails

Video links to fitness advice and regimes

Easy to follow, fully explained exercises

Drop a dress size in four weeks

Proven results

Finally, a word from Gavin himself:

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