Which Gas Barbecue should you buy?

Gas Barbecue

It’s a debate that rages throughout neighbourhoods to this very day. Which is best? A charcoal or a gas barbecue? But we are not here to talk about the merits of either.

We are here to examine the best kinds of gas barbecue on the market today.

If charcoal barbecues are your bag then head over to our article which deals with picking a coal BBQ to fit your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, here’s our take on the offerings for gas:


Uniflame Dual Sear 6 Burner - £400

It’s not cheap but this barbecue from Uniflame will last you for years to come. It has four big main gas burners which is enough to cook a whopping 34 burgers at once.

There’s also a rotisserie rack and space underneath for tools and food prep.

From: asda.com


Argos 2 Burner Gas BBQ - £70

This budget-buy from Argos shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a gas barbecue.

It comes with just two burners but there’s plenty of space on the grill and there’s also a side hob which is great for extras  like beans or fried onions.

Good for the occasional cook-out but if you are a serious host then opt for a more expensive one.

From: Argos.co.uk


Weber Genesis E330 - £1,599

This Weber barbecue will get the guys fighting over who cooks on it. A truly professional job here, the jets heat up quickly and there’s no cool spots which means your food cooks evenly.

There’s also a high-powered searing station and a side burner and Flavouriser bars so you can have a flame-grilled finish. Not for the faint-hearted but a must if you are the type who has a New Year’s Eve barbecue in any weather.

From: johnlewis.com


  • Tesco 4 Burner Gas BBQ – £150

Tesco 4 Burner Gas BBQ - £150

This is a real bargain and great quality and shows that you can get a good barbecue for a few quid. Big enough for the hungriest of families, we love the massive grill space, and the four adjustable burners.

There’s also a side burner, warming rack and built-in thermometer. Brilliant for the price. Bag it before Tesco’s realises and puts the price up.

From: Tesco.com


Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 - £200

For those with only a courtyard garden, this little barbecue is actually quite misleading.

There is a lot going on under the hood, and for a compact BBQ it has tons of features, including the infrared cooking system which uses radiant heat rather than direct flames.

This means your meat is so much juicier.

From: amazon.com


Outback Combi 4 Burner Dual Fuel - £400

Why have gas or coal when you can have both? Well Robert Dyas agree and here is their version of a combination barbecue.

There’s a gas grill that sits next to a built-in griddle and next to it is a coal basket where you can cook on charcoal.

Genius! It’s quite a big device but very manly!

From: robertdyas.co.uk


Outwell Portable Roast Gas BBQ - £83.90

The one plus point coal barbecues had over gas was that they were portable. Not any more, as gas is now going on the road. This one from Outwell shows how well it can be done.

It is designed to sit on any flat surface and there are legs that fold out from either side. The roast comes with a lid and handle and an easy clean shelf.

Pack away when finished.

From: amazon.com


Outback Hunter 3 Burner Hooded Gas Barbecue - £229

If you want to show off in the front of the neighbours then wheel out your Outback Hunter. This is a proper gorgeous barbecue that will look great in any garden.

It has a porcelain enamelled hood which is corrosion and acid resistant and totally weather proof. There’s also two porcelain coated cast iron grills and one griddle plate, cast iron burners and precise heat indicator.

Looks gorgeous, cooks gorgeous too.

From: billyoh.com

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