8 of the Best Gardening Gloves to Protect you from Nettles and Thorns

There’s nothing worse than weeding in your garden and having the sting of nettles puncture through your gardening gloves. The problem is, you need a pair flexible enough so you can manoeuvre your fingers adequately, but strong enough so you don’t get stung by nasties.

Here are our recommendations:

Ladies ‘Tough Touch’ Gold Leaf Garden Gloves: £24.99

Gardening Gloves

Made with real leather, these gloves will last you and they are super comfortable. Very soft and they will soften with age and wear, they are also warm and offer a high level of thickness and protection against even the sharpest of thorns. There is also an extended cuff which gives extra protection for the wrist and forearm.

Kew Gardens Garden Gloves, Pink: £11.49

Gardening Gloves

These gardening gloves are constructed with durable and flexible elastane and feature leather palms. They are really comfortable to wear and stretch with use. You also get an adjustable rip-tape strap and they are available in both medium and large sizes.

Exemplary Leather Gardening Gloves: £14.99

Gardening Gloves

100% money back guarantee on these gloves. They feature spandex backs so they fit really well. The exterior is made from goatskin which is really durable and stops thorns and stings penetrating.

Sarah Raven Favourite Gloves: £9.50

Gardening Gloves

Made from breathable nylon so your hands won’t sweat and rubber and these are machine washable. Available in S, M and L size and has great customer reviews.

Burgon & Ball Dig The Glove Leather Gardening Gloves – Tweed M/L: £18.00

Gardening Gloves

Crafted from soft leather that is hard-wearing, these gardening gloves feature a mesh that stretches between the fingers so that the hands can breathe. There is extra padding on the palms and adjustable wrist straps.

Town & Country Medium Weedmaster Plus Protective Gardening Gloves: £6.67

Gardening Gloves

These feature a special coating that protects against nettle stings, something that most gardeners complain about. They are nice and stretchy and breathable and very affordable,

Showa Floreo 370: £9.99

Gardening Gloves

Latex-free gloves here from Showa which are lightweight but strong. They feature a protective nitrile coating which stops nettle stings penetrating. Available in lots of sizes including extra small.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves: £6.77

Gardening Gloves

Great value for these gloves which you can use in a variety of work situations. Made from bamboo so they are super sensitive and give amazing flexibility. No need to keep removing gloves as they offer touchscreen sensitivity whilst wearing them. Not as much protection where thorns and stings are concerned but great in other regards.


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