Gaming Chairs

X Rocker 2 Gaming Chair

The X-Rocker 2 Gaming Chair is a middle of the road gaming chair with some of the features of the more high quality options. You can really get into the gaming experience with this chair; the sound quality is pretty amazing for the price. The flip arms are convenient especially considering that not every gamer enjoys metallic arm rests. The material is easy to clean and the wireless option allows for free movement. The X-Rocket 2 can also be connected to any of the new consoles, so if you have more than one, it is one of the best options for gamers. The assembly is fairly simple and you will have it ready to play within just a few minutes.

VGS V Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

The VGS V Rocker Gaming Chair is a great chair for the price. While it is not one of the top chairs in the industry it does the job for most gamers. It is the wireless version so mobility with this chair is not bad, but the audio is not as good as some chairs with a price tag that is within range. The chair is easy to assemble, but it does lack shoulder rests which can be useful when you plug your CD or MP3 Player to it and you wish to relax. But the VGS V Rocker is first and foremost a gaming chair and as such it delivers. If you feel that you will use it for more than that then perhaps you will need to look at other chairs.

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat – 72004

The Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat model 72004 is a good racing seat with all the goods to make the driving experience feel almost real. There is less wobble than in different similar seats and that is due the framework which is made of reinforced steal. The seat can be used with most consoles in the market and can replace other seat/steering wheels combinations. Despite the slick look there is one thing that could be better and that is the foot and pedal section. It I not as strong as it probably should be for racing games. It performs well, but you can easily crack the base if you accidentally step on it with enough force. Other than that the seat is good and feels great.

Sub-Sonic Bone Rattler Video Game Chair, E1000

The Sub-Sonic Bone Rattler Video Game Chair is one of the best we have tried. It is as comfortable as a gaming chair can get (at least as comfortable as you can get with great sounding explosions around you). The sound quality is excellent and because the sub-woofer is installed in the seat you get some great surround sound effects. You can use this chair for gaming and for anything else really. There are pockets on the side if you want to store items like remote control or MP3 players. The manufacturer really did take everything into consideration in designing this chair. The controls are easy and even the cup holder is designed to perfection.t magic

Comfort Magic Memory Foam Video Game Chair

The Comfort Magic Memory Foam Video Game Chair looks more like a bean bag than a seat, but it is actually very comfortable gaming chair. If you are looking for comfort this chair delivers, but there isn’t much more that it does. There is no wireless sound or any other features seen in the more modern gaming chairs. The Comfort Magic could even be described as a non-gaming chair, because of its lack of features, however if what you are looking for is one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy your gaming, then the Comfort Magic should be enough to satisfy

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