Gadgets to Make Your Favorite American Baked Treats!

Cooking is easy I tell my chums. So long as you have the best gadgets. Don’t get me wrong. I do sometimes use a bowl and wooden spoon, but only in emergencies. I mean, when there is a perfectly well manufactured machine that will turn out excellent brownies, waffles, popcorn or muffins, who am I to argue? I’m sure these people have spent years perfecting the devices and by the time it gets to me, even I can’t mess things up. So, in the interest of American and British relations, a la Cameron and Obama, here are the best gadgets for serving up our favourite cousins across the pond tea time treats. Enjoy!

Brownie Maker – £24.99

The new Brownie Maker will bake 8 of the choccy delights in just 7-10 minutes. Or, to put it another way, you could sit through the whole of Titanic or bake 192 of them! Just add a touch of oil to the twin plates of the Brownie Maker, wait for it to warm up and then pour in your recipe or shop-bought mix. Close the lid and your squidgy brownies will be ready in the time it takes to make a cuppa for the family. When they’re cooked through, simply pop ‘em on a baking tray to cool and enjoy! Make perfect Brownies in just 7 minutes! Product Features: Cook brownies to perfection in just 7-10 minutes. Cutter included for making 8 bite-sized brownies at a time. Non-stick plates are easy to clean and you an use shop-bought or homemade recipes.

Home Cinema Popcorn Maker – £99.99 with free delivery

Nothing makes a trip to the cinema like a box of freshly-popped corn. Goodness knows how this sweet/savoury snack became so inextricably linked; but watching a movie just isn’t the same unless you’re scoffing handfuls of the fluffy nuggets. The only problem is, with cinema tickets getting pricier and home cinema systems getting cheaper, we’re just not going to the movies as much. Which means we’re having to settle for shop-bought popcorn or the not-quite-as-good microwavable stuff. Well no more! Because the Home Cinema Popcorn Maker Kit will make mountains of the hot, spongy wonders using the same technology as your local multiplex. Simply load the hopper with the included Premium Raw Kernels and set it humming. There are no messy ingredients involved, and tidying up is easy! When you’ve popped enough corn for everyone, shake on either the caramel or butter seasonings and serve. But not in your usual Tupperware bowl – serve it like the cinema!

Waffle Maker – £39.99

Bake 4 waffles simultaneously. Deliciously fragrant and crunchy, these Belgian waffles will taste like the real thing. The world-famous Belgian waffles, you can now enjoy home-made at any time! With the 4-way Waffle Maker you can quickly and easily bake large quantities for afternoon tea parties. Due to the non-stick cooking surface, low-fat baking and easy cleaning is guaranteed. With baking control light. Stainless steel / plastic housing, 1200 Watt.

Slushie Maker – £62.99

As its name suggests this ingenious table-top contraption allows you to make slushies in the comfort of your own home. And if you’re a slushie fan it’ll pay for itself in no time. Using the mains-powered Slushie Maker is a doddle. Simply load the drum with ice, ordinary table salt (don’t worry, you can’t taste it) and your juice of choice, and watch in wonder as it churns out a seriously cool slushie. As well as fruity slushees the Slushie Maker makes a mean frozen margarita. In fact you can make all kinds of frozen cocktails, daiquiris, martinis, cosmopolitans – the possibilities are endless. You can even experiment with coffee and tea. And watching the churning process through the clear drum is almost as entertaining as gulping down your slushie. Whatever concoction you decide to make, the Slushie Maker is certain to add an exotic, icy touch to any soiree. And if you’re worried that this idiot-proof device might end up gathering dust alongside your fondue set and sandwich toaster, don’t be, because once you sample a Slushie Maker slushie you’ll be hooked.

Candy Floss Maker – £36.99

Everyone loves candy floss. As far as naughty-but-nice nostalgic treats go, it’s right up there with toffee apples and giant gobstoppers. The trouble is getting your gob round a woolly mass of scrumptious spun sugar usually involves visiting the local fair. And trudging through puddles of diesel amidst swarms of screaming teenagers is about as much fun as riding the chariots after a hot dog supper. That’s why you need to get spinning with our ingenious Candy Floss Maker. With this idiot-proof contraption you’ll be making funfair-style candy floss in minutes. Simply add regular caster sugar and switch it on. That’s all there is to it. Well, almost. As the machine heats up, the central head begins to spin, forcing liquid sugar through its tiny perforations. The instant the threads of sugar hit the air they cool and re-solidify, causing a web of sugary threads to develop in the dishwasher-friendly collection bowl. All you have to do is gather up the yummy wisps on your candy floss cone and get munching.

Muffin Maker – was £39.99 now £34.99

Homemade muffins made in minutes with no need to turn the oven on. If you love cupcakes then you’ll definitely love this amazing muffin maker. And if you’d like to try to make them yourself without all the mess that usually goes with making up a batch, it’s now easy peasy. You could become a muffin chef! The recipe variants are endless and you will be able to make them to everyone’s taste. The cakes are 7 cm in diameter. Baking time approx 10 – 25 minutes. Comes with recipe ideas. Non-stick with baking control light. Size: 30 x 28 x 17.5 cm. Power output: 230 V, 1200 W.

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