Gadgets to Help You Motor On

When it comes to our cars, we’re all a bit mad, aren’t we? We name them, we save for them, and we go into untold amounts of debt for them. If you’re car-mad, then these car gadgets will interest you and you may well find some of them are indispensable. Look through them and see what you can find!

If you go out a lot, then the Alcohol Sensor Breathalyzer could be an excellent purchase. Allowing you to breathe into it and find out whether or not you’re over the limit, it can keep you not only from breaking the law but also from risking your own, and other road users’ health and life. You can simply blow into the gadget when you need to check your blood alcohol level in five seconds’ time. It’s especially useful for the morning after the night before, as it can be easy to tell when you need to take a taxi or a bus home, but not as easy to tell when your blood alcohol level lowers enough to drive the morning after. For under £25, you can’t really afford not to have one!

The Emergency Car Tool is perhaps the best and most sensible car gadget, and at under a tenner it’s one that won’t break the bank. What it will break is car windows, safety belts, and air bags – and you’ll be glad of it! Too often, drivers find themselves incapacitated or trapped in a car after an accident. With this tool kept within reach in your door pocket, you can use it as a hammer to smash windows, a blade to cut through safety belts, a spike to pierce air bags, a whistle to attract attention, a flashing light you can attach magnetically to the roof, and a torch. What more could you want? Working on 2 cell batteries, this unit can really make a difference after a bad accident – even if all it does is remove that sense of helplessness many people find so discombobulating.

How often do you go into the office with your coat slung clumsily from a hanger you’ve hooked over the door handle? And how many of those times do you find you get to work and your coat is hopelessly crumpled – after hanging in your blind spot and making driving more difficult for the duration of the drive? No longer! For under £20, you can buy a Car Coat Hanger which attached to your front seat’s headrest. You can hang your coat without creasing it, and it won’t be in your field of vision at all.

Car gadgets are wonderful ways to make your car more convenient. They can really help you enjoy your vehicle more than ever. Happy shopping!

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