Gadgets for Pooches: Technology to Help You Take Care of Your Pets

Even the most fervent gadget-freak doesn’t always realise that there is a wide selection of gadgets for pets out there that could help them take care of their pet and enjoy him or her – or help him or her enjoy life – more. Indoor cats especially benefit from high-tech toys to help them get the exercise they are missing out on; while they will live, on average, three times as long as their free-roaming counterparts, they will need some extra playtime to make up for the exercise they aren’t getting.

The FroliCat Sway is a toy that caters for these cats quite nicely. A magnetic setup allows you to attach the toy, which consists of a sisal ball with a bell and feather, to a surface such as a coffee table or shelf. You can then move the top, which will cause the entire setup to slip and slide along the bottom of your table or shelf. The cat is encouraged to chase the ball, bell and feather ensemble and you can play happily with him or her without risking the physical injury often sustained when a cat accidentally claws your hand instead of the intended target. For under £15, this really is a bargain.

The Road Refresher is an amazing gadget that any dog owner should have in their arsenal. Keeping it in your car or with your dog-walking essentials would be a great idea, and for £12 you can have it for home or away. It is a non-spill water bowl for dogs which you can easily assemble and which won’t allow water to flow easily out of it when tipped over. As such, it is an amazing travel gadget, but for those dogs who enjoy slopping their water all over everywhere, it could be a wonderful bowl for home, as well.

Pet hair is an issue for every pet owner from the dog owner to the chinchilla enthusiast. But with the CarPet Pet Hair Remover, you’re never more than £7 away from having a clean home. Looking deceptively simple, it attracts loose hair and all you need to clean a piece of furniture or area is to wipe it. The CarPet Pet Hair Remover is reusable and it’s absolutely invaluable for the house-proud pet owner.

No matter what your pet is like, gadgets are available to help him or her enjoy life more and facilitate your cohabitation. Enjoy these gadgets and more and you’ll open up entirely new avenues.

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