Funding the Necessities for Baby

It can be so exciting to prepare your home for your new baby’s arrival, but unfortunately it can also be cripplingly expensive. With many purchases absolutely essential to your ability to care for the baby, you can’t avoid spending the money, but if you can manage to cut down on the cost you will be better able to afford it.

Sales are the biggest money-saver in terms of baby supplies. If you can go to shops such as Babies ‘R’ Us and Mothercare during a bank holiday sale, you can purchase baby furniture at vastly reduced prices. The after-Christmas sale is best for this, so set aside as much money as you can and try to find some bargains. Make sure you have some room to store your new furniture until the moment when you will be ready to put it together; you can save hundreds of pounds this way, and that is more than worth a little bit of wasted space for a few months. Don’t forget that transport systems incorporating a carseat that clips onto a pram can save you money over buying both separately!

Keeping an eye on coupons is another excellent option in terms of saving money. Places like Babies ‘R’ Us will send you regular coupons if you sign up for them, and this may allow you to save further pennies. Be keeping an eye out you can gradually gather all the essentials you need without paying full price for any of them.


Asda are also wont to hold baby-related sales, and while these are great for such things as bowls, spoons, high chairs, and toys, you should consider stocking up on consumables such as nappies, wipes, nappy bags and baby soap. Johnson’s Top to Toe wash is notoriously hypo-allergenic and having a couple of bottles set aside is a good idea. Sudocrem, Savlon and aqueous cream should be in every expectant parents’ arsenal as they will treat a variety of nappy rashes and can come reduced during baby sales. Buying a few boxes of nappies and wipes means you won’t have to worry about running out for them during those fraught first few weeks when all you want to do is cuddle up to your new baby and try not to get too behind on sleep.

b By saving money on baby essentials, you can reduce the stress of preparing for your new child’s arrival. With these helpful tips you could save hundreds of pounds over the course of buying everything you need, and leave you relaxed and happy as you prepare to welcome your baby to the world.

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